Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Yes, I have been MIA around here..... what can I say??? Guess I've just been a major slacker.... oh wait... it's not like I've been sitting around eating bonbons and watching soap operas (well, must confess to the bonbon part, but definitely NOT to sitting around).

Since I last chose to gift all my "devoted" readers (thank you whoever you may be) with my wit and charm, I've not stop working 40 hours a week (so we can continue to live indoors and eat on a regular basis), we sent the family of MGM's to Germany, had out of town company on several occasions, served as a so-so (read slacking off) Vice President of the Raleigh Miniature Guild-- which means planning the club projects, but having to miss several of the meetings due to meetings at work, had 75 people eating hot dogs in the back yard (in the pouring rain--some folks will do ANYTHING for free food) for Halloween, helped teach a miniature class to 9-12 year-olds with other mini club members, moved Mike's Mom from southern MD to Raleigh, "done" Thanksgiving, "done" Christmas--shopping, cooking, wrapping, baking, but not too much decorating thanks to my awesome m-i-l!  Yeah, guess I have managed to fill at least a FEW days with constructive activities.

We had 31 inflatable decorations in our yard this Christmas season and I managed to NOT get a single picture while they were up. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've had my camera out since the MGM's left for Germany- that my friend is MAJOR slacking!!!

Wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to each of you!