Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look What I Did!

When I was Charlotte for State Day, I got some fabric to make Mdx a surprise-- well--here it is!

I can't wait to take it to her when we go to VA in a few weeks! I hope she likes it!

Went to the gym this morning-- thought I was meeting my trainer, but she wasn't there. I rode 5 miles and did some weights.

I'm heading back to the studio now --- who knows what I might come up with next!

I Should be Asleep!

This weekend I did something I haven't done in a LOOOOOONG time. I worked 3 12 hour nights in a row-- Fri, Sat and Sun. I came home Mon morning (it is technically Tues morning now) and got to bed about 9:30-- I slept until 3:30-- really wanted to get up earlier, but my body and mind were in a fight and the body won. I had had big plans for the afternoon--once again, nothing got done. At least I didn't spend the evening eating everything in sight as has been known to happen in similar situations.

I am meeting my trainer at 8 AM to do a reassessment before starting my session. I am hoping my measurements are better this time-- my weight is down a little, not as much as I would like, but while I try to be conscious of what I am eating, I'm not following any strict diet. I also have not been to the gym since last Wed. My knee is still bothering me some-- not nearly as much as last week, but it was swollen all 3 mornings when I got home from work this weekend. I slept with an icepack on it each day.

My gym plan for this week is: this morning at 8 with Gail, then Wed afternoon (I will be in a class at the hospital all day and will go to "decompress"). I'll take Thur and Fri off and then go again Sat after I wake up (working Fri night).

After the gym tomorrow, I need to make a trip to the bank-- I have a CD that matured today and I need to find a different vehichle for the money-- don't want it to roll over into the same program-- this is money received from the sale of a house my Mom owned, not a huge amont, but I've been able to use the interst to fund some of my miniature acquisitions. And I KNOW Mom would approve of me doing this with the money rather than something mundane like paying bills (which thankfully, it's not a necessity to use the money for). And the fact I am using the interest makes the money go even further.

Once that is done I WILL work in my studio in the afternoon. I'd like to get the Shaker wash stand project done (last club project) and possibly pull out the sewing machine for a while.

I also need to spend some quality time on my Bible study reading-- this is our next to last meeting and we are studying Revelation. Next week will be our last time together-I will miss the fellowship and support I have received. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the other members on a more personal level.

We are getting together with the neighborhood supper club group Sat evening. It's always fun to get together with them-haven't gotten my assignment yet.

Have had several chats with #3 son when we both happen to be online at the same time, it is good to here from him and he is so far updating his blog daily.

Since I need to have some energy early this morning-- I'm off to bed again and will hopefully get some deep sleep.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Day Off

I actually have a day off today-- the only commitment I have is Bible study at 7:15.

I decided last night that I was going to sleep in this morning-- is 12:30 still morning? Except for some crazy dreams right before I got up-- I slept hard. Sorry if I snored Mike!

As I was getting dressed, the power went out -again- by the time I came back in after walking the dogs it was back on, but it is such a pain-- it went out Tues and yesterday too.

I decided not to go to the gym today-- my knee is still bothering me some and I have to work all weekend, so I am resting it today.

Number #3 son has posted an update on his blog "A Day in the Life" about his travels so far on his way to Iraq. He even had a picture of himself (last alcoholic drink for who knows how long in hand) before he left Norfolk. If I knew how to put a link in he blog I would-- but I don't.

I put in a load of laundry, only because I want to prewash some fabric for a new project.

Now I am off to my studio-- not sure what I will work on, but there are PLENTY of UFO's out there to keep busy this afternoon. I should fix the seam in a pair of scrub pants, but that doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice Surprise!

I got a surprise this evening-- I called Jennie (1st dil, married to #2 son) to see what she was up to. Well, what she was up to, was talking to said son who is currently on active duty in Afghanistan. She put us all on a three-way call and we talked for a few minutes. I truly appreciate her sharing him with me, but feel like I am intruding on their time together. It was good to hear his voice again. They are counting down the days until he comes home. He doesn't have his orders yet, but is scheduled to return at the beginning of May. I hope we will be able to go out to see them in Arkansas this summer after they have a chance to get back into their routines.

I also talked to VA dil-- #3 son is apparently on his way to Iraq (finally). They have been anticipating his deployment since the end of last year. He has had multiple DTY's (temporary duty) preparing to go, but the project has been delayed several times.

Continue to pray for their safety and their families while they are away from us.


Do you notice something missing from my blog today? I tried and tried to post this morning's workout, but-- I'm obviously not doing it right---I keep getting my last workout-- SOOOOOO , here's what I did--- I walked 2 miles and biked a total of 5 miles while doing a circuit workout that focused on arms and core today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mixed Emotions

Just spoke with our youngest son. He is to leave in the morning for Iraq. Please pray for his safety while he is gone and for his wife and daughter who will remain in VA. I am sad he will be away from us-- and at the same time so very proud of him and his commitment to our country.

State Day 2009

Friday moring I picked up my friends Mary and Peggy and we headed toward Charlotte for NC State Day. I used mapquest to guide us on our adventure.
Our first stop was PJ's Miniatures in Albemarle, NC--the store was recently relocated from Indian Trail, NC. The new location is in downtown Albemarle on Main Street. We each picked up a few treasures for our State Day project-- and a few other goodies too!

Next we headed into Charlotte and checked into the hotel. After we got the car unloaded we went on a field trip to the local Hobby Lobby. The miniature department was quite disappointing-- but we each found a few things to add to our stashes. In the fabric dept I found some cute fabric for Mdx, but they didn't have the pattern--so I will look for it locally, but that's all I'm saying about that now-- it's a surprise.
We went back to the hotel and decided to have a glass of wine and relax. Note to self--- get a REAL corkscrew for travelling OR buy wine in a screw top bottle! I had a bottle of red and Peggy had a bottle of white and we couldn't get either one open with that cheap little corkscrew I took with us. There was a Macaroni Grill across the parking lot, so we made our way over there for a bite to eat. Some of our friends were coming out as we were going in, so after we finished we got together in their room for a while. We told stories and laughed. Finally turned the lights out at 12:30. It seemed like we had just closed our eyes when the alarm went off at 6:00. After loading up on carbs at the breakfast buffet, it was time to head over for State Day.

We got to the church right at 8:00, got registered and started shopping (again!). We saw so many friends we only get to see once a year or less-- it was a lot of fun.

The project this year was a wine cellar

This is a prototype of the project we worked on.

Even though we worked all morning and some of the afternoon, we have a LOT more to do before ours will be finished. We are planning to meet some time next week and work together on our wine cellars. I'll post pictures of our projects later.

We got back to Raleigh about 7:00 Sat evening-- tired and mini-ed out!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Day is it?

SO, I worked 12 hours Monday night, came home, slept 6 hours, was back at work at 5PM Tues evening until 1AM Wed morning, then home and back at work at 9AM until 5:30PM (and it's still Wed). Why you may ask would I do that to myself?

Well, I'll tell you--- tomorrow is my miniature club, we meet the first and third Thursday of each month. We are building various pieces of Shaker style furniture this year-- and I get to visit with friends for a couple of hours (They also get a kick out me coming to club after working all night and sleeping only 2-3 hours before the meeting-- guess I'm cheap entertainment!). Then, tomorrow evening I have Bible study, we are essentially reading the entire Bible during this 34 week study-- guess I'd better start reading so I'm prepared! Oh yeah, and I am meeting my trainer at the gym at 10AM.

THEN--- Friday morning (hopefully after another trip to the gym) I'm off to Charlotte with 2 friends where we'll spend the night and go to "State Day" on Saturday. State Day is a meeting for miniaturists from all over the state to meet and work on a project together. Each year a different club in the state comes up with the project and hosts the day. Next year the Cary club will host. Our club did 2007 and I think we are up again in 2013 or 14. Not a lot of work actually gets done, but a whole lot of catching up does! The project this year is a wine cellar, I'm actually pretty excited about this one. On our way to Charlotte on Friday we are stopping in Albemarle, NC at the only remaining miniature shop in NC. We'll get back int town late Sat evening.

My plan for Sunday is to rest, but, unless the housekeeping fairy comes while I am gone on Fri and Sat-- you get the idea-----

Tonight we went to Greek Fiesta (after I went to the gym on my way home from work) -- they have an email program that sends you a coupon for your birthday and other various times during the year. I got one for being on the list for a year-- it was for a free chicken breast pita and piece of baklava-- so dinner for both of us was $11. They have THE best sweet tea-- yes-- I said SWEET and it's caffeinated too-- this is one of only two places I drink sweet tea (the other is Bali Hai-- that's a story for another time!).

Well, I'm supposed to be downloading some pictures for Mike and reading my Bible study assignment and getting things ready for mini club tomorrow and ready to go on Friday-- so I'd better sign off for now!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Weekend

Since I was here alone Friday, I ran a few errands and treated myself to blazing noodles at Pei Wei- the second time I ever went there to eat, I asked them what was the hottest thing on the menu-- the cashier said "blazing noodles" and that's the only thing I've eaten there since!

I got my food to go since I was feeling a little guilty leaving Amos and Auggie alone knowing they would be alone all day Saturday, too. So I tried to get to bed at a decent time, but it was after 2 when I finally got to sleep. I probably would have slept through my alarm, but the dogs were jumping all over me, so I did get up on time!

Saturday I headed down to Apex for the UPS "meeting". I worked on some 1/4 inch scale kits I got last year at an estate sale I went to in Va. Kim fixed an awesome pasta dish for lunch, it had prosciutto, garlic, cream and just a little bit of marinara sauce to turn it pink. She also baked a spice cake with a fig sauce on it. When this group gets together, it seems like we all try to out cook the last person, but really, we use the group to try out new recipes. At lunch we gave Syd a birthday gift-- a magazine subscription and a kit to make a rug for her Raggedy Ann and Andy dollhouse she is working on, she was really surprised! After lunch we worked a little more on our projects. We were all invited to Maria's 50th birthday party so Pat, Syd and I stayed at Kim's until it was time to go -- we had some wine, talked and relaxed.

Maria's party was a lot of fun! We got to meet some of her quilting friends and neighbors. Maria's husband put together a video of her life-- he did such a great job--- she was born in Spain, they met in France and lived there after they were married before coming to the US. Christoph had pictures from all over Spain and France. The food was fantastic and I ate WAY to much!!

I got up Sunday morning and went to church, the choir sang the "Hallelujah Chorus" from the "Messiah". They did a good job, but in mind I was hearing the choir at Elfinwild church (where we went growing up in Pittsburgh) singing with Mrs Hargus directing and playing the organ and Dr Henderson "singing " along. One thing that surprised me was that the congregation did not stand-- I thought it was traditional to stand for the Hallelujah Chorus. We sang all the traditional Easter hymns, it was a real "feel good" service for me.

I came home and took a nap because I was supposed to be on call from 7P to 7A tonight at work. I called the charge nurse and she said she was flexing nurses down and took me off call! That made my evening! Mike brought a ham home from Myrtle Beach (all the employees at the college were given a ham the holiday-- and Marc and Kris said they didn't need 2!). So I heated the ham and made a potato casserole. The casserole has crushed cornflakes on top. As I was mixing the flakes with melted butter something didn't look right, so I tasted them-- I had grabbed Honey Bunches of Oats instead of cornflakes-- and of course, I didn't have any cornflakes. So Mike ran out to get cornflakes and dinner was delayed a bit! I'm just glad I tasted them before putting them on the potatoes!

I have to work 7p tomorrow, so it's off to bed for me.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm SOOOO Tired

Worked last night, and ended up staying over until about 8:00 doing some paperwork. Didn't get to bed until 10:00, up at 2:30 walked the dogs then off to the gym. I can't believe I actually did more walking after being on my feet most of the night! Then I did the circuit room and a few of the machines on the floor including chin-ups and pull-ups (on the counter balance machine).

Tomorrow I've got a play date with the UPS club (unfinished projects on Saturday). I GUESS I can find an unfinished project in my studio to take with me! Then we are celebrating Maria's 50th birthday!

The house has been so quiet since Mdx and her parents went home- she is constantly on the move and notices everything around her!

Mike had to go to SC on business today, so he is getting a bonus visit with our Myrtle Beach kids, lucky him! Guess I'll enjoy the quiet here tonight and get to bed early-- yeah right!

Until later!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Early Easter

The Easter Bunny came early to our house this year!

Mdx & the bunny fist bumping!

Mdx & Grampa with her Easter wheelbarrow

We had a great visit with Mdx (and her parents!), it was too long since we've seen them, and we will do our best to schedule more frequent visits in the future!

Tomorrow it's back to the gym and back to work and maybe a little "play time" in my studio or perhaps some time to do a little bit of needlework.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Special Visit

Our youngest son is in town with his wife and our beautiful grandaughter! This is a short visit as he is leaving Fri for pre-deployment training. He leaves for Iraq later this month, so this will be our last time together before he goes. We will miss him and will constantly pray for his safe return.

Tomorrow we will have a little Easter celebration with them--at 19 months, I think she'll have a little more fun than last year!!

We don't say it often enough, but we are so very proud of our boys and our daughters-in-law. Many times over the years I have questioned decisions I made raising the boys, and I'm not sure if they turned out to be the responsible, caring men they've become because of us or in spite of us.

Until later,