Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silly Me!!

So I didn't look closely at my last post before I published it and repeated one of the pictures-- it's not like I don't have plenty of pictures to share!  Enjoy a few more!!  These are some pictures from our trip to the Korean Folk Village....

the main entrance

 a gift shop just inside the gate-- I got some rice wine here!

Mdx reading the map to find where the horses were

Mdx with chopsticks

Marshall learning to weave a rice mat

Mdx did NOT want her picture taken with the "movie star"

Singing a song-- in Korean

Climbing the steps to the Buddist Temple

the "necessary room"

Monday, June 27, 2011

Some More Pictures

Here's some more pictures from my trip!

Mdx showing off her "packback" for school

Mdx's school- she calls it her castle

Mav being cute

Display case at the food court in Emart

Soju in juice boxes!

the express train going through the station in Songtan

Enough for now-- more later!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

YEAH for Me!

I spent this afternoon with my friend Sydnie.  She helped me work on a kit I had gotten.  It is a 1/4 inch scale (1 foot = 1/4 inch) French Bakery based on a Madeline story.  Madeline and her friend are outside the bakery and the nun is inside talking to the baker.  There are lots of pretty cakes and macaroons.  I even painted a tea set in 1/4 inch!  I'll try to get a picture in the next couple of days and post it. 

In the meantime, let me see if I can finally post a few pictures from Korea

The express train going through the station. We were waiting for a train to take us to the Coex Mall in Seoul

My meal at the food court.  When you are done eating, you take the dishes back to the place where you bought your food.  There were water coolers all over the food court to fill the water glasses.

Marshall and Mdx at the food court.  For some reason, Mdx puts up three fingers whenever she sees a camera, I guess because she is three???

After we ate we went to the aquarium. This was the biggest mall I have ever seen-- we must have walked a half mile from the food court to the aquarium.  The aquarium was awesome. I thought, an aquarium in a mall, right, how exciting this is going to be (can you read the sarcasm??). Well, I was pleasantly surprised-- the place went on and on and on.  I don't know how many square feet it covered, but it was HUGE!

                                Marshall being "eaten" by a shark. Mdx wouldn't go near it.

Mdx finding Nemo!

This shark was actually over our heads.

OK, enough for tonight.  I'll post some more later.

Take care....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life Goes On

Not much going on around here--- today was miniature club.  I left early to go get a hair cut, the girl who usually cuts my hair was off today. Now, if I actually used a hairdresser in a "real" salon,  I would have had an appointment, but, since I go to Great Clips, I go when I get up one morning and realize I can't handle the mop any more.  So, what to do??  I could leave and go back when Gina would be there, but that would've meant dealing with the mop for at least another week with my crazy schedule. Or, I could take a chance on one of the "stylists" who were working at the time.  Since I had left mini club early and my schedule doesn't have any openings soon, I took the chance.  Tomorrow morning will be the test when I am getting ready for work.

After the haircut, I went to the nail salon and got my first pedicure of the season.  It was LONG over due, but my toes are now "Malaga Whine"  and I am happy, happy, happy!

Next was Harris Teeter-- pork tenderloins are BOGO this week--sweeeet-- since I have a pork tenderloin dish on the menu for supper club on Saturday night.  Then I went to Kroger to finish my shopping.

After work tomorrow there is a Service Excellence reception for work.  Mike was going to go with me,  but since it is at 5:30 he's going to skip it.  When I get home, I'm going to have to get in high gear to get ready for Saturday night.

Mike still has to get the dining room back together for Saturday night-- the curtains won't be up and the plugs and switches won't be changed, but the walls and trim are done and it looks great!

OK-- off to bed so I can get up early and get to work.  My schedule is going to change a bit-- I'm only going to staff one night a week and then do the rest of my time in the office.  I'm excited about the change!

More later.....