Monday, August 24, 2009

New Trainer

I met with my new trainer, Sarah, today at the gym. I have a feeling she is going to kick my butt! We started out by talking about what I had been doing with the previous trainer and what I had been doing on my own. Then we went out on the floor and she had me doing different exercises so she could get an idea of where I am now.

I started on the counter balance machine with 160 lbs. I did 15 pull-ups, then Sarah took 10 lbs off and I did 15 more on each of the other 2 hand grips. Then she had me rest and she took off some more weight-- 20 lbs. I did 5 more pull-ups, then she showed me the machine was set at 130 lbs! So she actually took off 30 lbs total! After the pull-ups we moved to the captains chair for leg lifts, then onto the bosu ball for bicep curls and presses and triceps extensions (8 lb dumbbells today). Did some wall squats and lunges with the balance ball, then ended with her stretching me. It felt great! I really need the "nudges" to push myself further and further.

So son (you know which one I mean), I may just be able to do one pull-up without any counter weight by the time you get home!

More later.......

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