Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Day in Korea

As they say, all good things must come to an end---- today is my last day here in the land of the morning calm.

This morning we walked Mdx to school.  She was going on a picnic with the school today and had to wear a uniform.  The teachers gave me the uniform (a pink track suit with burberry trim) when I picked her up yesterday.  We weren't quite sure what was going on, but she wore the uniform to school and took a lunch.  Mary took her in and tried to figure it out--- 1- yes, they were going on a picnic, 2- they were going in the bus, 3- yes she was supposed to wear her uniform (easier to keep track of all the kids), and 4- no she does not keep the uniform.

Mary also tried to explain the Mdx would not be at school for the next 2 weeks. She ended up having them get out a calendar to show them.  The teachers thought Mdx was leaving the school!  Mary's Grandmother passed away and she is taking the kids back to the States for 2 weeks.  It will be a challenge for her flying with them by herself, but we weren't able to co-ordinate our flights.

After dropping Mdx off at school we walked to the base.  I had a package to mail (my pottery). Marshall bought them bus tickets to the airport for the morning.  Mary went to the library to try to check in for their  flights but it was too early.  We stopped at the BX so Marshall could go to clothing sales-- he is now a 7 level at his job and had to get a new occupation badge.  Mary picked up a few things for the trip and I looked around at the kiosks.  After finding almost nothing miniature on my trip, I found a 1/40th scale model of a traditional Korean house!

This afternoon Mary and I both got packed up and Marshall weighed our suitcases for us-- we should be good on weight.  This evening we are going to the Hospitality House again for dinner.

Marshall will go with Mary to the airport in the morning (the bus leaves base at 6). He will get them checked in and stay until they go through security.  Then he will come back and we will have lunch (probably at the 6,000 won place) and take a cab to the bus station about 3 pm.  I told Marshall I could get there by myself, but he is afraid the bus might not let me off where I need to be.

I have had such a wonderful time visiting here.  I have LOTS of pictures to share when I get home.

More later....

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  1. Can't wait to see all of your pictures! I know you had a great visit!