Thursday, March 31, 2011


This morning a friend of Mary's, Lisa, picked us up and took us to the "Happy Quilt"-- WOW!!!!!!  It was a bit of a religious experience!

Imagine-- a building FULL of fabrics f every kind-- including Vera Bradley prints.  A lot of the fabrics were precut in  2 yard packages for 6,000 won ($5.47), flannel was 7,000 won ($6.38) and there was a table out front with some end pieces marked from 1,000 won to 4,000 won.  The table outside was 20% off today!  Since I have to start thinking about coming home (sniff, sniff)-- I weighed the my bag when we got back to the apartment-- it weighed about 8.5 lbs.  (I packed my big suitcase to see how I was on weight-- it was 48#--- so, does that mean I shouldn't put anything else in it-- or I can buy 2 more lbs of stuff to bring home??)

Lisa has an Etsy shop and sells quilts.  Her husband's tour here at Osan will be over soon.  She and her boys will be leaving in about 5 weeks.  It was obvious the guy at the fabric shop knew her! She is trying to stock up on fabric before she leaves.

After lunch, Mary, Mav and I walked to the clinic on base so Mav could get his 6 month old shots.  He was such a good little guy!  On the way back, we stopped at the ATM so I could get some money-- the ATM's were down-- now I just gotta wonder if Mike is maybe in cahoots with BoA so I can't buy anything else.

Marshall had to go into work this afternoon.  He is applying for a grant for his schooling and had to get a letter signed by his commander.  He should be home soon. He is going to grill brats tonight!

Mdx and Marshall have been hard at work building her a kitchen out of cardboard boxes. It has really become quite the project!

I've been taking LOTS of pictures and will post them after I get back to the States... more later...

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