Sunday, May 29, 2011


No, I haven't been babysitting anyone, I'm being babysat!  Mike is painting the dining room this weekend and many years ago we figured out that he works much better without my supervision.  So after church this morning, I went to my friend Sydnie's house to play.  Another friend was in town for the holiday weekend from Philadelphia.  We worked on some of our minis and Sydnie fixed us a delicious lunch!  A pasta dish with pancettta and a big glass of Sangria to go with it. Then we had dark chocolate Klondike bars for dessert.

Tomorrow I will be going to play with my friend Mary.  I imagine we will work on some minis and also work on some plans for a club project for next year.  Mary will be the club President and I think I was drafted to be the VP---- not sure how that happened----

Tuesday night it is back to work-- I wonder if there is anyone left in Raleigh who hasn't had their baby yet!

Well, Mike is making pizza for our dinner, so I think I may go to my room studio and play for a bit longer until it is ready.   HMMM-- guess I'm still being looked after-- I am a lucky "girl". 

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