Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mike!

36 years ago today, two VERY young kids walked down the chapel aisle--- and look where we are now.

Some of the things we've done through the years-

lived in 4 states (not that remarkable, but one of our "stats")

lived in 8 different homes- 4 rented, 4 owned with the bank

raised 3 sons who are all now married and gainfully employed

are the proud grandparents of 2 very sweet kiddos

worked at 13 different jobs between the 2 of us

owned (or were owned by) 5 dogs

owned 9 (I think) vehicles-- we drive 'em til they die-- not counting cars purchased for Marc

we've had some ups---- we've had some downs---- but we're still here and still each other's best friend

Happy Anniversary Mike-- love you!

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