Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 5/9 Market

On days that end with a "5" or a "9", there is a big street market just over the rail road tracks.  So, on March 29th we headed that way-- what an experience!  More kimchi, dried fish, tomatoes, garlic and other various food and household items lining both sides of the street!

the tunnel under the tracks from the "market side"

this stand had real "American" style doughnuts- no bean paste and sugar covered! The pastries in the shops are really pretty and yummy looking, but are most often filled with bean paste and are more savory than sweet-- it can be quite a shock to bite into something you think is going to be sweet and it is not! 

This truck was making puffed treats- kind of like puffed rice-- there really was a bit of an explosion going on-- the ajuma (literally "old lady) came running out from behind the street telling us to cover Mav's ears before the blast!

yep--a live baby octopus 
a view of the street

peeled garlic and I think Asian pears

Really, California oranges in Korea??? Do you think they may have "fallen" off the commissary truck?


this lady had her wares spread out on the sidewalk. Many of the ajumas have these converted baby strollers they use to transport their stuff. And yes, she is sitting crouched down on her heels and resting her chin on her knees--- no wonder the ajuma are all bow-legged.

There was a lot more to see at the market, but I have to work on my pictures some more-- I took a lot of "portrait" pictures (turning my camera sideways)-- my new camera doesn't automatically turn the pictures like my Kodak does (of course it probably CAN do it and I just don't have the settings right-but that's another issue!) and I personally find it hard to stand sideways to look at pictures!
More later......

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