Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mom's Apartment

Mike's Mom will be moving to Raleigh in the near future.  We have been looking for places and narrowed the search to 5.  Saturday we took her out to see the apartments that "made the cut".  Sunday we went back to the final 2 and yesterday she made her choice---- take a look!

Looking from the living room to the front door

the living room from the master bedroom

living room from the front door

dining room from the living room

kitchen from the foyer

kitchen from the dining room

pantry in the kitchen (duh- where else would the pantry be?)

master bedroom from the living room  (yes it is blurry)

master dressing area

master bath

guest bedroom from the bathroom door

guest bathroom

half bath in foyer


storage room

ththththaaatttt's all folks!!

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