Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here we are at the end of yet another year............ time flies, life goes on and there is nothing we can do to slow it down.

Hope everyone had a great holiday--- and has safe plans for tomorrow night.

One of my Christmas gifts was a calendar with a different southern saying for every day of the year.  I have been challenged by one of my daughter-in-laws (and seconded by another) to use the phrase of the day each day and then write a post about the saying and how I used it.  At least I THINK that was the challenge-- if not, please set me straight Mary!  Now, I'm not sure I'll be able to post every day, but I know I'll check each day's saying and do my best to use it at some point during that day.  And, I can guarantee if the saying has anything to do with using "polite" language instead of a curse word, I will commit it to memory and use it every chance I get!

Another special gift I received was from our d-i-l Kris and her sisters.  They had a rough fall and have been going through their mother's house preparing it to be sold.  As they were sorting, they came across a set of 3 international Santas that have been in their family for many years. Knowing I collect Santas, they decided to make me the guardian of the Santas.  I promise to love them and display them proudly each year.  Thank you girls!

We enjoyed having most of our family with us.  We missed you Mason and Jennie!  I pray for many many more holidays spent with my family.

I bought myself a laptop on Monday--- still getting use to the keyboard and such-- I keep hitting (obviously) wrong buttons and deleting emails and losing other things.  And I have to learn to set up my favorites and such.

Went to the gym today and trained with Megan.  Is there REALLY an exercise called "skull crushers" or did she just make that up (thinking that was what I would probably do)?

Did some grocery shopping this afternoon, then came home and made a pot of vegetable soup and a pot of sloppy joes and chicken in salsa.  I have to work this weekend so I wanted to have some quick food available that is kind of good for me.

Off to bed, meeting Sydnie and Sylvia for lunch tomorrow.  I think we are going to the Tea Room in Wake Forest-- haven't been there in a loooooooong time-- I'm sure it will be fun!

Happy New Year safe!


  1. Oh, but there is an exercise called skull crushers. I bet the backs of your arms and maybe even upper rib-area are sore! :-) Happy New Year!

  2. Skull crushers are great mom! Your triceps should be burning... enjoy!! Now if you could just do an un-weighted pull-up!!