Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Had a VERY exciting day today (I know you can't hear the sarcasm in that statement, but try to read it in).  Yeah, really not so much...... met Megan at the gym this morning..... she worked me over and "made" me do jumping jacks when I whined.   I did walking lunges, some step-ups, side steps across the gym with a resisitance band on--- then some pull-ups, lat pull downs, tricep dips and other stuff I can't remember (or my mind has blocked them out permanently).

After the gym (and a shower) I decided to take a trip to WalMart--- I got a couple of cards--- then went and looked at the scrubs-- I picked up 2 new tops and a pair of white pants-- yes I said white pants-- I only wear them on office days, but I like to have at least one pair.  Then it was off to the food section--- all boring stuff today-- lettuce, green onions, a cucumber, some canned pineapple. 

Once I got home and put the groceries away, I made myself an egg salad sandwich.  Then I went up to the studio and played around for a little while-- stained some wood and put some artwork on a table and chairs from a kit I had in my "stash".  Like I said, today was VERY exciting.

Some more calendar catching up---

first today---  If you're caught napping on the job, you might say...  I wasn't sleepin' I was just checkin' for holes in my eyelids.
(Whoa, there.  If you get caught napping at my job, you will be escorted out of the building--- not a good thing at all).

(6/5-6)  Tall.... He's so tall if he fell down he'd be halfway home.

(6/4)   Down in the Dumps...He's sittin' in low cotton.
           (I think I've been in that field a time or two.)

(6/3)  When talking about a stubborn friend, you might say...  He could make a preacher cuss.
         (I believe I've known one or two folks who could fit that description)

(6/2)   Spendthrift.... She spends money faster than  green grass goes through a goose.
         (All I can say is --- GROSS)

(6/1)   If you want to tell someone that you're aware he's trying to hoodwink you, you might say.... I've seen more than one frosty morning.

(5/31)   Laziness...He's so lazy he'd starve to death in a pie factory.
              (Now, THAT is lazy!).

(5/29-30)  Excuses.... Excuses are like backsides- everybody's got one.

OK---- that's more than enough for tonight.  Sleep tight..... more later.....

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