Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birtrhday Lisa!!!!!

Happy Birthday today to my "little sister" Lisa----- It's the BIG 5-0 for her!!!!!!

Umm, yeah, your card is gonna be late----- but Happy Birthday anywho!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Had a VERY exciting day today (I know you can't hear the sarcasm in that statement, but try to read it in).  Yeah, really not so much...... met Megan at the gym this morning..... she worked me over and "made" me do jumping jacks when I whined.   I did walking lunges, some step-ups, side steps across the gym with a resisitance band on--- then some pull-ups, lat pull downs, tricep dips and other stuff I can't remember (or my mind has blocked them out permanently).

After the gym (and a shower) I decided to take a trip to WalMart--- I got a couple of cards--- then went and looked at the scrubs-- I picked up 2 new tops and a pair of white pants-- yes I said white pants-- I only wear them on office days, but I like to have at least one pair.  Then it was off to the food section--- all boring stuff today-- lettuce, green onions, a cucumber, some canned pineapple. 

Once I got home and put the groceries away, I made myself an egg salad sandwich.  Then I went up to the studio and played around for a little while-- stained some wood and put some artwork on a table and chairs from a kit I had in my "stash".  Like I said, today was VERY exciting.

Some more calendar catching up---

first today---  If you're caught napping on the job, you might say...  I wasn't sleepin' I was just checkin' for holes in my eyelids.
(Whoa, there.  If you get caught napping at my job, you will be escorted out of the building--- not a good thing at all).

(6/5-6)  Tall.... He's so tall if he fell down he'd be halfway home.

(6/4)   Down in the Dumps...He's sittin' in low cotton.
           (I think I've been in that field a time or two.)

(6/3)  When talking about a stubborn friend, you might say...  He could make a preacher cuss.
         (I believe I've known one or two folks who could fit that description)

(6/2)   Spendthrift.... She spends money faster than  green grass goes through a goose.
         (All I can say is --- GROSS)

(6/1)   If you want to tell someone that you're aware he's trying to hoodwink you, you might say.... I've seen more than one frosty morning.

(5/31)   Laziness...He's so lazy he'd starve to death in a pie factory.
              (Now, THAT is lazy!).

(5/29-30)  Excuses.... Excuses are like backsides- everybody's got one.

OK---- that's more than enough for tonight.  Sleep tight..... more later.....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gonna Try to Catch Up.....

I know you've been missing the "Southern Sayings" so, I'm going to try catch up this week.   Counting today, that's 27 sayings to get caught up---- hmmmm-- can she do it--- yes she can!

So let's start with today and we'll work backwards.......

(6/14)  Listless.... He's so slow he's got to speed up to stop.

(6/12-13)  Contentment.... I'm as happy as a tick on a fat dog!  
        (but lately I've been feeling like the fat dog)

(6/11)   Vocally Challenged.... He couldnt carry a tune in a bucket.
          (I'm sure I resemble this saying!)

(6/10)    Referring to someone who acts cool because he can hide his emotions, you might say....
         There may be snow on the roof, but there's a fire in the hearth.

(6/9)    Pessimist.... He could depress the devil.

(6/8)   If you want to compliment someone's cooking, you might say...  This is gooder'n grits!
  (and we can make some fine tasting grits around here--- just ask Kris!)

(6/7)   Feeling Great... I'm finer than a frog hair split four ways.

OK--- don't want to overwhelm you-- so that's enough for today... more later...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday is Flag Day

Almost forgot---- don't forget to fly your flag tomorrow!

Guess What's Bloomin'

Yep, my hydrangea is finally blooming!!!  I'm so excited!!! The plant was a Mother's Day gift from Mary (and I'm sure Marshall's name was on the card, too) may be four years ago.  Mike planted it in the yard and there it has been ever since--- then this spring we noticed what looked like buds on it and here we are!  There are pink, purple and blue blooms on it. 

We took a stroll around the "crops" this afternoon--- I picked another pepper and we counted over 12 tomatoes on the various plants--- hopefully they will start ripening soon!

Have an early day at work tomorrow--- so sweet dreams all!


Saturday, June 12, 2010


I know----it's been a looooooong time since I've posted and I'm waaaaaay behind on my calendar--- well, the only excuse I have is that I've been busy?  or is that lazy?   HMMMM-- take your pick.

Memorial Day weekend we went to Maryland to help Mike's brother-in-law celebrate finishing his bachelor's degree--- he'd been a "few" credits short for quite some time and finally decided it was time to "git 'er done".  Marcia planned a party to mark the milestone, so we headed "up" to be part of the celebration.  It was a great weekend--- we met some of John's fellow Air National Guardsmen and their spouses/girlfriends.  We visited with Mike's folks and his Uncle Al and wife Jane.  And of course we ate waaay too much!  John used his new camera to take a family photo--- unfortunately, Marcia had hurt her back and wasn't able to come outside for the picture.

Mike, me John, David, Mac, Helen, Al and Jane

Memorial Day was also our 35th wedding anniversary--- it's been quite a ride, but time flies when your having fun!  We put some steaks on the grill and spent a quiet evening at home.

June 1st was Mason's 28th birthday--- seems like just 10 years ago we were sweating wheather or not he'd actually graduate from high school!

Last weekend Marc and Kris had a yard sale so we went to Myrtle Beach to help them.  Kris and her sisiter Tara are trying hard to settle their Mother's estate.  Friday we hit happy hour at Bumzz-- the drinks were cold, the food was good, the ocean was beautiful and the guitar player was pitiful.  After consuming several "adult beverages" Kris and I went across Ocean Blvd and got henna tattoos-----

Not a great picture, but it's hard to take a picture of your own ankle!

Saturday was hot and sunny--- we all had a little glow by the end of the yard sale!  We were hot and tired and decided to cover it all up and continue on Sunday morning.  After showers and naps, we headed out to Ron Jon's for some adult refreshments and a game of trivia--- we went into the last question in first place, but ended in third place---we won a $20 gift card--- but couldn't use it for our tab that night :(   Oh well, Marc and Kris' trivia team plays there, so it will be used.

Sunday morning their AC went out---(they were able to get someone out Monday morning and fortunately, it was not too expensive to fix).  We loaded up the truck with some of the yard sale remains and headed back to Raleigh--- of course, as soon as we hit Creedmoor Road it started pouring rain and we got soaked unloading the truck.  Mike is threatening planning a yard sale in the near future --yeah-- can't wait-- woo hoo

Mike had a business trip to NJ this week.  I ended up in a dark room with a migraine--- we really lead exciting lives around here!

So, that's what we've been up to for the past couple of weeks----- more later....