Monday, August 8, 2011

On the List and Other Stuff

Today, Mike took some additional paperwork to the complex his Mom would like to move in to .  The manager told him everything looked good and she is number 4 on the waiting list.  Now, we just have to wait for some openings and then we can get her moved down here and settled in.

Marc and Kris came this past weekend-- it was their last opportunity to come to Raleigh before the craziness that is their life starts again.  They are both working at the university (Coastal Carolina) and Marc will be starting a Master's program through Winthrop University.  The next two years will certainly be an adventure for them.

We are anxiously awaiting the "Korean McIntyres'" return to the states before they are off to their next adventure where they will be known as the "German McIntyres".

I'm sure Mason and Jennie are up to adventures of their own, but I think they both spend a lot of time working. Since they work opposite schedules, they don't get to see too much of one another.

We are doing our best to stay cool, hope you are too! More later......

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