Monday, May 3, 2010


Politicians are as crooked as a hound dog's hind leg and twice as dirty.

Yeah--- that's pretty dirty!

Today was "payroll Monday"-- so I was in early this morning.  April and I tried to eat lunch in the courtyard, but it started raining, unfortunately, the rain didn't last.  The sky has looked like it could open at any second all day, but so far only a VERY few sprinkles.  My tomatoes need some water!  The plumbago has some blooms on it today-- it is really pretty! 

Had a great work out with Megan today---- concentrated on lower back--- she has assured me I'll feel it in the morning!  I am planning to go again in the morning to do cardio, then training with Megan again on Weds.  I met my goal for the exercie challenge at work last week and today gave me a good start on this week.

Time to find some dinner--- more later......

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