Monday, May 10, 2010


                 Well, don't that beat a mule flyin'?

Of course, I could never say it like that--- I would instinctively say "doesn't"--- and then it loses something in the translation---- but it is funny!

Watching the Penguins play Montreal--- end of second period--- Pens are down 2-3.

Here are a couple of more pictures from the yard......

Hostas under the black walnut tree 

Plumbago bush-- one of my Mother's Day presents 

 Bouginvilla plant-- another Mother's Day present (remember, I bought these for myself while out shopping with April) 

My hydrangea bush-- Mary gave me this for Mother's Day may be 5 years ago and it finally looks like it might bloom this year-- how exciting!

Had a good workout at the gym today--- arms and arms and more arms-- I'm pretty sure I'm gonna feel it in the morning!

Taking my car in to have the tranmission looked at in the morning, then to work, then maybe to the gym, but maybe not-----

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