Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's About Time

Marc and Kris were here this past weekend and I've got to show you what we did...........
Kris said she had been waiting 14 years to do this!

I don't know who took this picture-- I just saw it when I loaded the pictures on the computer!

Mike and Marc hard at work-- what a difference already....

Yes, it was time for the wallpaper to go

The end result of Saturday's work

Sunday morning Mike installed the new light fixture I got at IKEA.  The hole in the ceiling is bigger than the light fixture so it is just up there temporarily and we have to adjust the length of the chain, but we have an idea of how it will look.  Now, I just have to make a final decision on paint color (it will be a neuteral tan-ish color).

Kris has already marked my calendar to come back and start in the dining room--- I'm excited to actually have started a project Mike and I have been talking about for at least two years now.

We had a great time while they were here. Marc and Kris went to campus on Thursday and explored the remodeled Thompson Theater- I think it was a bit sad for them, it is no longer the theater where they went to school and met and got engaged.  We had dinner at On the Border (one of Kris' favorite and not available in Myrtle Beach).  Kris and I got pedicures-- love the hot rock leg massages and had a nice relaxing lunch on Friday. Then Friday and Saturday nights they were able to connect with old friends.  We're looking forward to seeing them again in a couple of weeks.

More to come later.....

Question for my blogging friends--- WHY doesn't my post look the same when I post it as it does when I look at the preview screen while I am writing it?????????????  The big spaces between pictures don't show up until I publish the post...... HMMMMMMMMM

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If you're talking about putting the horse before the cart,

you might say....
                       They got their hind parts forward.

My car is in the shop--- some kind of solenoid in the transmission-- whatever-- it's supposed to be done by 5 tomorrow so I can get to work on time----in the mean time, I'm driving a Saturn Outlook-- that is a big car!

Dad is heading back to PA in the morning--- hoping he has safe travels.

Hoping to get a little mini time in tomorrow afternoon--- but I'm not holding my breath about it.

Not much else of any interest going in around here--- sweet dreams.....

Monday, May 10, 2010


                 Well, don't that beat a mule flyin'?

Of course, I could never say it like that--- I would instinctively say "doesn't"--- and then it loses something in the translation---- but it is funny!

Watching the Penguins play Montreal--- end of second period--- Pens are down 2-3.

Here are a couple of more pictures from the yard......

Hostas under the black walnut tree 

Plumbago bush-- one of my Mother's Day presents 

 Bouginvilla plant-- another Mother's Day present (remember, I bought these for myself while out shopping with April) 

My hydrangea bush-- Mary gave me this for Mother's Day may be 5 years ago and it finally looks like it might bloom this year-- how exciting!

Had a good workout at the gym today--- arms and arms and more arms-- I'm pretty sure I'm gonna feel it in the morning!

Taking my car in to have the tranmission looked at in the morning, then to work, then maybe to the gym, but maybe not-----

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all the Moms out there have had a wonderful day today.  My day started with cards from Marshall and Mary and Mdx then a cinnamon roll with Mdx and her Mommy baked by Grandpa.  After we ate, Grandpa took Mdx outside for a surprise.  Mdx came back in to get me to come out to the garage-- she and Grandpa had planted a hibiscus for me in the planter between the garage doors.  The hibiscus was from Mary and Marshall. 
cinnamon roll face girl!

The VA crew headed up to Blue Jay Point for Mdx's cousin's birthday party.  We had a nice weekend visit with them.  Here are some pictures.....

watering the salvia

and the tomatoes

                                                                        waiting for Grandpa to refill the watering can

Mdx LOVES to water!

talking with Grandpa and Loving on Auggie

Mdx and Opa

Talked to my Myrtle Beach guy and Little Rock guy today also.  We had shrimp and grits for dinner and apple crisp for dessert.  I tried to be good, but alas, I am weak.

Friday's calendar saying.... Troubles....
                                    She's got more problems than she can say grace over.

I hope I am never in a place where others would think this of me. 

and the weekend saying...Certainity....
                                          As sure as God made little green apples.

I like this one--- will have to remember it.

Time to close it down for tonight---- work out with Megan in the morning, then to Costco to refill the propane tanks, then Kroger for asparagus (hope it looks good), leftovers for dinner tomorrow-- lots of choices--- barbequed chicken, grilled pork tenderloin, and shrimp and grits and of course salad!

More later..... sleep tight......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Great Idea...

If you come up with a great idea, you might say....
         It's horse-high, bull-strong, pig-tight, and goose-proof.

I don't think I've EVER come up with an idea that good!

Dad arrived this afternoon---- the VA gang tomorrow---- sadly, I have to work tonight and tomorrow night--

Not much else going on.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Long Time....

'Till there's enough frost in hell to kill all the pole beans.

That's a LOOOOOOOONG time!

Happy fourth anniversary Marshall and Mary!  We know it hasn't been easy, but you two make it seem so! We love you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hahahaha-- this one's funny......

If a friend acts arrogant after inheriting a laarge sum of money, you might say....
           The higher a monkey climbs, th more he shows his butt.

Oh how true!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Politicians are as crooked as a hound dog's hind leg and twice as dirty.

Yeah--- that's pretty dirty!

Today was "payroll Monday"-- so I was in early this morning.  April and I tried to eat lunch in the courtyard, but it started raining, unfortunately, the rain didn't last.  The sky has looked like it could open at any second all day, but so far only a VERY few sprinkles.  My tomatoes need some water!  The plumbago has some blooms on it today-- it is really pretty! 

Had a great work out with Megan today---- concentrated on lower back--- she has assured me I'll feel it in the morning!  I am planning to go again in the morning to do cardio, then training with Megan again on Weds.  I met my goal for the exercie challenge at work last week and today gave me a good start on this week.

Time to find some dinner--- more later......

Sunday, May 2, 2010

OK--- This is Getting Ridiculous.....

Yeah, I know, it's been a week since I have managed to post here--- what is wrong with me?????  Well, let's start with work- I worked 12 hours Mon night,  went in 2 hours early on Tuesday night (14 hours), then went back for an 8 hour "day" at 4 pm on Wed that turned into nine hours.  I was "off" on Thursday -- so I went to the gym, cleaned out my clothes closet, did 5 loads of laundry, cleaned out the frig, went to Sam's and Wal Mart, then came home and had to put everything away.  And I spent some time in my studio trying to make some sense out of the nonsense in there.  Fri I had a class at 8 am then back to the office for about 45 min (don't want to go into OT) then to the gym and home to visit with the in-laws and nephew David. 

Mike had a yard sale Sat.  I went to play with April-- we had LOTS of fun and pretty much behaved ourselves until we got to the nursery.  Got home about 4-- we grilled pork tenderloin and roasted brocoli and cauliflower and did some "Doug" potatoes on the grill.  I went to church this morning, then came home to sausage gravy and biscuits--YUM!  Mike's folks left about 10.  Mike planted my Mother's Day gifts I bought yesterday--- tomato plants, hot and sweet banana peppers, purple and white salvia around the mailbox, a bougenvilla on the trellis and a plumbago in the front perenial bed-- I can't wait until it blooms!

I spent some time in my studio this afternoon working on my club project.  I think I'll be all caught up by Thursday.  Speaking of my studio, David was quite taken by all my treasures-- he spent a couple hours up there arranging and rearranging furniture in the houses. It is fun to look at what he saw when he looked at the houses.

Off to work early in the morning--- then to the gym.  Back again on Tuesday then off on Wed.  Club on Thursday then work Thurs and Fri night.  Dad comes on Thursday, Marshall, Mary, Mdx and Macy on Fri (let's hope I can flex down on Fri) then Heidi's baby shower Sat late morning and playing with Mdx Sat afternoon.  Dad will be here until Tuesday.  Looking forward to a visit with him-- it's been a while-- and he has requested we make shrimp and grits-- I guess I can accomodate him!

Here's the calendar updates......

Mon 4/26     Short on Cash.... There ain't a tater in the patch
Tues 4/27    When someone makes an assumption without having all the facts, you might say...
                         Not everything that moves around in the dark is Santa Claus.

Wed 4/28   Green Thumb...  The best fertilizer is a gardener's shadow.

Thurs 4/29    If you receive some bad news, you might say.... Well don't that just dill my pickle.

Fri 4/30    Home Town...  It's always best to grow where you're planted.

and the weekend    Optimism... There's a new day tomorrow and it ain't been touched yet.

This wasn't the best week for a lot of folks I know-- please keep all those with trials in their lives right now in your prayers..... a few names to lift up--- Frank, Lauren, Beth, Cindy, Donna, Jessica, and Dick, and don't forget to count your blessings.