Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Night Irene


To everyone on the S Carolina, N Carolina and Virginia coasts---- be safe!!!! 

We are so thankful Marshall and Mary are "safe" in Korea and not still living in that little house in Hampton, VA. Here is a picture of the flooding they had just a few days after Marshall's return from Iraq-- and there was no hurricane at that time. The word from Myrtle Beach is that they have had some wind and rain, but Irene should make landfall further north.  Hopefully, they will be spared too much wind damage and flooding.

We are expecting rain and wind tomorrow, but the weather will be much worse to the east of I-95.  However, no stinkin' hurricane is gonna stop us from going to a miniature show tomorrow!!! That's right-- I'm getting in the car with a couple of my friends and we are heading to High Point for a miniature show, then to the High Point Museum to see an exhibit recently donated to the museum-- a collection of around 30-35 miniature room boxes.  On the way home we'll HAVE to stop at Hobby Lobby since we don't have one locally.  So, Irene, continue moving to the east and just leave us alone.

This has been quite a week--- there was an earthquake on Tuesday and now a hurricane on Saturday.  The earthquake was quite an experience.  I was sitting in my recliner (messing around on the computer, of course) and I thought one of the dogs was behind me scratching and bumping the chair.  Then I realized the floor was shaking too-- after a few seconds, everything in the kitchen cabinets started rattling and then the windows were rattling-- I thought, wow, the washer must really be off balance.  Then I remembered, the washer wasn't running and I thought, could that have been an earthquake?  So, I turned on the local news and sure enough, it had been.  So, now I can say I've experienced a tornado, a hurricane, a blizzard and an earthquake here in N Carolina--- AHHH, life in the south. 

More later, stay dry..... 

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