Monday, August 29, 2011

Play Day!!!!!

So, Saturday morning I headed to High Point with two of my "miniature" friends.  (No, they are not little people, they like to play with dollhouse miniatures like I do). 

We had rain along the way, but the closer we got to High Point, the clearer(ish) the skies got.  We found the hotel where the miniature show was being held (without too much drama), we didn't even have to walk out of the parking garage to get in to the hotel lobby.  We shopped and visited with friends-- and believe it or not, all three of us won a door prize!! I got a jointed teddy bear!  I got a granny doll to go in my club project box from a year or so ago.  She will go in the box with the little girl doll that was made by my Mother and dressed by another club member. I also got a set of Bespaq china-- something I've lusted after for a long time, a couple of cakes from the English Kitchen-- Leslie is one talented lady!  I brought home a few other things, too.

After lunch at Char-grill -- gotta love those milkshakes, we went to the High Point History Museum.  Recently, a woman donated her miniature collection to the museum-- it was really a nice display.  There was more to see in each room than it was possible to take in in one trip-- we will definitely have to go back again! On the way back to Raleigh, we made the obligatory stop at Hobby Lobby-- picked up a couple of things.  My favorite purchase was a toy for Mav to play with on the trip to Germany.

Speaking of Mav and Germany, the Korean McIntyre's are packed up and have moved into TLF until next week.  Can't wait to see them all and hug and kiss the grands! 

It has been raining all evening-- some pretty impressive lightening earlier, too.  So, now in the last week we've had an earthquake, a hurricane, and a severe thunderstorm-- HMMM wonder what might be next?

That's it for now....

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