Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nuthin' Special Goin' On

Not much going on around here-- working and sleeping, working and sleeping. 

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year--- I get to go have a mammogram-- yeah me!!! (hope you are reading all the sarcasm I tried to include in that statement).

I think I'll go look for a picture or two to share---- see you in a bit.......

I'm back-- found a couple of snapshots from one of our Skype calls with Korea.....
Yes, that is my beautiful granddaughter-- do I even want to know where she learned this????

Mav is pretty brave to mess with his sister's stuff!

Well, it's been a long week so far and there is more to come----got a play date tomorrow afternoon.  The UPS group meets on Saturday (wonder what kind of great tasting food we'll have?).  Then I'll be going in to work early Sunday morning (0300) for a system downtime and upgrade--- more later....

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  1. Ha! I was worried when you said you were going to post pictures that you were going to post MAMMOGRAM pictures! LOL!