Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Craziness Continues

So, how long can this respiratory stuff last? It's been 12 days and I'm still honking and coughing. Finally went back to the gym on Saturday afternoon and again today.

Spoke to all the boys over the weekend-- #3 (in Iraq) called on Sat-- he had to work Sun, #2 (in Afghanistan) called Sun afternoon while we were planting some tomato and pepper plants and #1 (in Myrtle Beach) called late Sun afternoon. It was good to hear from all of them!!

#2 son should be en route back to the States-- he has promised to call when he gets to American soil -- we are anxiously waiting his safe return.

#3 son has posted a link on his blog A Day in the Life to the news story of the soldier who killed 5 other servicemen on the base where he is stationed. He left me a voice mail saying he was fine, not to worry when I heard the news. Well, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought since the location was listed as Camp Liberty and I knew that was not the name of the base he had given us. But, I was glad he called to report his safety.

VA dil has posted some more pictures of that beautiful baby girl! She is getting so big and smart! We'll be going to see her in 2 weeks-- I can't wait!

This weekend Mike is having one of his infamous garage sales--- his folks are coming to visit, too. After the garage sale, I am planning on treating mil and myself to pedicures! I'm wondering if anyone will be up to picking strawberries on Sun afternoon. I understand the pickin' is good right now and we haven't had any homemade jam for a long time.

Hopefully, we will have homegrown tomatoes and peppers this summer. We planted 2 types of tomatoes-- Early Girl and an heirloom variety, and sweet and hot peppers this weekend. We haven't had much luck in the past growing vegetables, but decided to give it another try.

Our yellow roses have been beautiful this spring. I deadheaded the bush Sat and hope it continues blooming. I even have some in a vase in the kitchen.

I have to work tomorrow-- an 8 hour day. Then I am going to the gym, will probably ride the bike and do some core work.

Thursday morning I am meeting with my trainer early, then will have a play date with some of my mini friends in the afternoon. We are planning to work on our wine cellar projects from State Day.

Heading off to bed for now-- will take some photos over the next few days to post some of our activities.

Until later........

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  1. Oooh - I want to take the kids to pick strawberries! Where are you planning to go?