Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, Monday

We had a great visit with Mike's folks this weekend--- Mike did chicken, potatoes onions and zucchini on the grill Friday night. They had a garage sale Sat morning-- as usual, I wasn't much help-- I woke up about 1:30 (am) with a splitting headache. I was up until 4 or so and finally got back to sleep-- I didn't wake up until 11! I had someone working for me 11-7 on Sat, but was still scheduled 7-11. I got to flex down! And we went to PI for dinner. YUM!!!!

Sunday morning we went to church then helped set up for WIHN. It is a program to help people get back on their feet. All participants must be working or seeking employment. They spend the night at local churches and the days at work or the center which has counseling, computer access, wahers and dryers, housing assistance, there are other services available, but I don't know what they all are. Mike and his Dad went to get the van and trailer from the last host church-- the trailer has the fold up beds in it. I went up to the attic and helped bring down supplies-- lamps, alarm clocks, night lights, toiletries, toys- that kind of thing. After Sunday School was over, we moved the chairs out of the rooms and got the rooms set up.

After a brunch of sausage gravy and a nap, we went to Ollie's. It's kind oflike a Big Lots Store-- you never know what might be there. We got an umbrella for the table on the big deck, and a couple of books. I could have spent the whole afternoon in the book section.

We had pork tenderloin for dinner with a salad and potatoes.

Today it was back to work and then to the gym. I walked and rode then did some of the arm and upper back I did last week with Gail. Speaking of Gail, I'm meeting her at 8 tomorrow morning. I'm sure she'll have some fun planned!

The dryer is calling-- later!

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