Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching Up

Not much exciting around here--- worked 40 hours and was on call another 12 this week. I'm on call tonight from 7-11-- really hoping I DON'T get called in! I'll be working 12 hours tomorrow night (Mon) then back Tues afternoon for an 8 hour "day" (I'm covering for another nurse from 7-9p so she can go to her daughter's recorder "concert"). I'm working Wed during the day (8hrs) and the 7p on Thursday night.

Mike will be with the Pres of the company this week. They are playing in some golf benefit on Thursday. He went to the driving range yesterday and will go again tomorrow.

Friday we are going to VA to take care of Mdx! Mommy is riding in the MS 150 Ocean to Bay Ride 2009 and since Daddy is in Iraq, somebody has to tend the babe! Can't wait to see her and give her the art apron I made.

Went to the gym today---- walked 4 miles in 75 minutes with the incline from 2-8%. Then did some pull-ups and chin-ups, some arms and a little core work.

Gonna go get the laundry started and fix a bowl of salad for the week-- later!

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