Sunday, May 3, 2009

Poor Poor Me

I spent all day Wed in a class (a good class, but still, I was confined), then I worked 8 hours during the day on Thurs, came home and went to Bible study, and then had to work Fri night -I did get to flex down at 1AM, but once I got home, I dozed off in the chair and woke up with a sore throat. SO, I ended up sleeping until early afternoon on Sat. We had dinner with some neighbors--ribs and brats, potatoes, salad, apple pie, fruit plate and appetizers! It was good, but I wasn't quite up to par. I came home and crashed- woke up about 7, but knew I was not going to get up and go to church, so I went back to sleep.

Got up about 10 feeling yucky, so I took a shower and sat in my recliner for a while. I knew I couldn't stay there all day (as much as I wanted to) because tomorrow is my day to bring treats to work for Nurse's Week-- for both shifts. So I washed my hands carefully and went about the business of baking chocolate chip squares-- I needed to make 2 batches, so I got out the pan I THOUGHT I had made a double batch in before and went merrily along my way-- mixed up the batter, smoothed in it the pan , put the pan in the preheated oven and set the timer. The timer went off at the appropriate time, I opened the oven door and was greeted by cookie dough pouring over the side of the pan and dripping all over the bottom of the oven, I was NOT very happy. The kitchen smelled like smoke from the dough burning on the lower oven element. So, after the proper amount of whining and such, Mike offered to go out and get me more supplies. Taking no chances this time, I opted for boxes of brownie mix and canned icing. So, now, the brownies are sitting on the counter, iced and ready to go in the morning.

OH-- yesterday the Terminex guy was here for our yearly inspection and told us we have/had something living under the house-- probably an oppossum--YUK-- I guess there are a lot of "deposits" under there-- so if you know a critter guy-- let us know so we can get this taken care of ASAP. Apparently, some of the "scents" I've been blaming on the dogs are apparently coming from under the house. One of our neighbors has a live trap we are rgoing to put out to try to trap the critter, then we'll need to find someone to clean out under the house, once again YUK.

Anyway, I'm drugged and off to bed-- hoping I don't get sent home from work tomorrow (you know all the flu stuff) and a little bummed that I didn't get anything done in my studio this weekend.

On a brighter note, I did chat (IM) with #3 son for a few minutes today. And I talked to AR dil briefly, (I think I scared her with my raspy voice today)- she has the date for #2 son's return from Afghanistan--he is to arrive in the states on the 14th-- and will get home a day or two later.

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