Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Not Fair

As much as I HATE that phrase--- IT'S NOT FAIR--- Mike has to go to Norfolk next week for work, spend the night and go to Richmond the next morning-- so he invited himself to stay with VA dil and Mdx, and I don't get to go-- stupid work, stupid dogs, stupid, stupid stupid. I hope you can hear me stomping my feet, slamming doors and sobbing, 'coz IT'S NOT FAIR-----

OK-- I'm over it (for now)-- not much else new around here--

Got a call from #3 son this morning-- he wanted to tell me that he is stationed at Camp Liberty- not what his original orders said, but that's where he is--- glad I didn't know that earlier!

Still waiting to hear from #2 son or AR dil about his return.

Went to the gym again today-- walked just over a mile, then biked for about a mile and got bored (all the bikes on the floor were taken, so I went into the "get away" room- the upright bikes in there don't have earphone hookups to the TVs), then did 20 minutes on the elliptical. I'm meeting my trainer at 0830-- I'm sure she will have some fun and games planned for me!

Talked to VA dil this evening. Her orchestra students had their end of year concert last night-she said they did an awesome job! I wonder if there will be any footage from the concert on her blog? I hope so! She and the students have worked really hard this school year-- nine of her students even made the all city orchestra!! Go kids-- I don't know you personally, but sure am proud of how far you've come this year!! Great work all of you!!

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to play--- you heard me--- PLAY-- I'm going over to my friend Mary's house and we are going to work on our wine cellars. Then I will come home and finish getting things ready for our weekend visitors and for the first Thursday since August-- I will NOT be going to Bible study. I think it will feel strange to be home on Thursday evening and I will miss the fellowship of the group.

Going to go gather some things to take on my playdate tomorrow-- later!

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