Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy, busy, but doing what?

I feel like I've been going 100 miles an hour, but can't exactly say what is occupying my time. It certainly hasn't been spending time at the gym! I've worked 28 hours so far this week- work again tonight and am on call Saturday night, so I guess that accounts for a good portion of this week. Yesterday morning I ate the first tomato from the "farm" I don't think it was completely ripe, but it came off the vine when Mike was watering Tuesday night and I just HAD to make a tomato sandwich out of it. There is another tomoato ripening, so hopefully I'll have another mater sandwich soon! Well, since I woke up at 3this morning, I'd probably better try to get a little more sleep since it will be tomorrow morning before I'll get another chance for some shut eye! Have a great day! Not sure what is going on with blogger this morning, but it is not letting me make new paragraphs- -sorry for the blob this blog entry turned into!

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