Friday, July 10, 2009

I Did It!

OK-- ACLS is OVER!!!!! And yes, I did pass, but it wasn't easy. I walked in to the practice code today and drew a complete blank-- I had to be walked through the whole thing. The test code was easier, but the instructor tripped me up when she asked if I would give a particular drug, I said no, it is only given as the first or second dose and I had already given 2 doses of another drug. She said, well the other drug wasn't working, so it was at least worth a try-- she apologized later for the confusion, but it had been pounded into our heads the last 2 days, only to use that drug for the first or second dose (OK-- I did forget about using that drug, but, remembered not to use it for a third dose).

The written test was a breeze--- I did miss one question, but it was a dumb mistake-- identified the strip incorrectly because I read too much into it. BUT-- the other L&D team leader and I made higher scores than the MD and the ICU nurse who were in our group!!!

We went back up to the floor and finished some office work we had neglected all week and were on our way home before 3pm.

I stopped at the gym-- walked 2 miles, but just wasn't feeling it. I was hoping to walk off some of the stress, but it wasn't happening. So I left, went home and took a shower then went and got a pedicure. My toes are now "patent leather" and I feel quite pampered after the hot rock leg and foot massage.

I have a play date tomorrow with some mini friends. I promise some pictures of miniatures soon.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Awesome, Carla - I knew you would do great! I bet it feels good to be done! Congratulations!