Saturday, July 25, 2009

Making Some Progress

Got to the gym just after it opened this morning. Walked my usual 3 miles, then did 4 sets/ 10 reps of triceps pull downs (with 20#). After that I headed over and did 25 standing crunches (with 50#), then 15 pull ups on the assisted pull up/chin up machine (with 160#), then 50 more standing crunches followed by 15 more assisted pull ups (with 145# this time), back for 25 more crunches then 15 more pull ups (still with 145#). Then it was in to the room with dumb bells-- I did 3 sets/10 reps (7# dumbbells)each of bicep curls, triceps something or other, and I think the last one is called a military press (but that's probably not the right term) while standing on the Bosu ball (half ball you balance on). Lastly, I did 3 sets/15 reps each on the abductor and abductor machines (with 100#).

When I got home, I picked 3 small tomatoes and one banana pepper out at the "farm". Lunch was a tomato sandwich with Duke's mayonnaise-- the only appropriate condiment!

Mike was busy painting the guest room and I started "redding up" the house. We've just finished for the day and are going to make pizza for dinner then sit and relax this evening. Hopefully, it won't take us too long tomorrow to get the rooms back together. Then we can move on to some other projects we need to get done.

To #3 son--- I DID turn my words into actions today, you smart aleck!

Hope your day has been full of sunshine! Later.......

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  1. Mom,

    Glad to see that your words are now actions! Now if you could just lose that sissy weight when you do pull-ups. HAHA, Just kidding.

    And I sleep during the sunshine, Im on nights-ish right now.

    I love you!