Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Much New

Not much going on around here--- I worked all weekend and have the dreaded ACLS class tomorrow and Friday. I've been reading the manual, don't know how much I'm retaining, but hope it will be enough.

Mike is in Charlotte today and tomorrow, and then going to visit VA dil on Friday. He's going to help her pack up #3 son's "Man Lair" getting ready for the move. Their street of base housing is being remodeled (rebuilt or something) so everyone has to relocate. DIL went to the meetings and asked questions, but wasn't able to get acceptable answers (when and where would she be relocated), so she has found a great house for them to rent.

We are going to visit #2 son and dil in AR in August. Looking forward to seeing them! We haven't seen their house yet-- and they've lived there for a year and a half.

Guess I'd better go to something a little productive and do some more studying.


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