Friday, July 3, 2009

The Peppers Are Missing!

Today we went and bought paint for the guest room. We are switching the guest rooms in our house after bringing a bedroom set from Mike's folks-- it is just too big for the back bedroom. So this weekend, we will move everything out of the back bedroom and Mike will paint it, then we (please note the use of he ROYAL "we"-- I have to work this weekend) will move the the daybed into that room. The next project will be to repaint the front bedroom, then reassemble that room with the queen sized bed set.

After the trip to Home Depot, we stopped at El Dorado for some quick, cheap Mexican food. Then we went to Kroger-- whole boneless rib eyes are on sale for $4.88/lb- we picked one out and had the butcher cut it for us. When we checked out, the computer took a discount-- we got the rib eyes for $2.98/lb. We were wishing we'd gotten more, but it was too late to get the butcher to cut another one.

OK-- now to the main subject for this post. When we got home, I walked over to survey the crops--- AND----- The pepper plants had been eaten. I am so disappointed-- they are nothing but leafless stalks. We had at least 4 peppers about the size of walnuts to golf balls. The tomatoes are all still on the vines-- no signs of ripening, but they seem to be growing.

--- didn't make it to the gym Weds, but got there today. I went into work one of my "office days" at 0630- I stayed until 1230, then off to miniature club-- we had a short business meeting and then continued working on the Shaker furniture project. Today's project was a bed. Left the club meeting and went to the gym. Did some arm work-- bicep curls, military presses (I think that's what they are called) and triceps curls all while standing on the bosu ball. Then did some other arm exercises on the stability ball and crunches on the stability ball. Went out to the floor and abductor and abductor exercises (100# of weight), 50 standing crunches (50#) and then torso twist also with 50# of weight. Then I walked a little over 2 miles (I was watching Little People big World and had to see how it ended!).

Enough for now--- going to try to get back to sleep---- later all!

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  1. Thanks for the updates Mom! Where is your garden? By the time I get home, I want you to be able to do atleast 1 un-weighted pull-up. My goal is to do 25 at once... Keep up the hard work! I love you and Ill talk to you later!