Friday, April 2, 2010


                        He'd steal anything that ain't too hot or too heavy to carry.
Don't think I really want to admit it, but I have known a person in my life who was the epitome of this saying.  Sad, but true.  Thankfully, it has been years since I have had any contact with him and doubt there will ever be an occasion to meet again.

Today was another BEAUTIFUL day here in the triangle area--- too bad I was inside at work!  Of cousre, being inside kept me out of the pollen-- that's right, everything is getting covered in the lovely chartreuse blanket known as pine pollen-- AHHHH, spring in the south!

Had another BIG date night this evening-- first dinner at Bali Hai, then to WalMart to pick up some of the supplies for the Egg Hunt tomorrow.  Didn't get home until 10pm--- mainly because we stood in line to check out at Wally World for at least 30 minutes.  But we had a good time talking to the people behind us in line!  We put the drinks for tomorrow on ice-- it's supposed to be in the high 80's tomorrow-- guess the eggs won't be hidden until right before we let the kids lose to find them!  Now we just have to hope for a good turn out-- there's no basketball until tomorrow evening, so we're good there.  Hopefully people are not out of town for the holiday-- or if they have company visiting, they'll bring 'em with 'em.

Gonna hit the hay so I can get busy in the morning!

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