Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Nothing very interesting around here this weekend--- I worked Friday night and got flexed last night.

 Mike is getting things together for a yard sale next weekend. The neighborhood is having a yard sale, so he is joining in.  His folks might come to help him-- I have plans with April next Saturday!

I was able to work a trade for Mother's Day weekend, so I'll get to spend some time the Virgina crew while they are in town!

Marshall got home Friday night from his TDY.  I'm sure Mary and Mdx are glad to see him!

I need to spend some time upstairs in my studio this afternoon-- it is WAY out of control-- imagine that!

Friday's calendar saying.... Unwanted relatives......
                              Every garden has some weeds.

I'm going to leave this one alone--- I'm sure I've been the person considered the weed a time or two!

and for the weekend...Stupidity....
                   He ain't got sense enough to pour water out of a boot if the directions were on the heel.

This put another funny picture in my head-- how about you?  Don't we all know somebody like this?

I'm off to the studio, wish me luck!

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