Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's

I played NO April Fools jokes today, nor had any played on me.  Does that mean I'm getting old or hanging out with old people?? I don't think so, just think nobody really thought about it today.

Went to miniature club today-- I got the wiring done in my project, but it needs to be soldered.  One of our club members is going to do the honors at our next meeting.  Of course, I'm pretty sure I can do it myself, Dad taught me to solder a looooooong time ago and I did some soldering when I worked in the ortho lab.  So, if I have time, I may attempt it myself.  But, since I still have a LOT to do to get ready for State Day, I may not get 'round to it. 

After club I went to visit Sydnie.  She showed me what to do at the sales table with receipts at State Day, We visited for a while and got a pizza for dinner.  Then we went up to her workroom for a while.  I got home about 9.

It was a beautiful day here today-- the sun was out and it was warm.  The weekend is supposed to be beautiful too, except, maybe a shower on Sunday.

Can't wait to see Mdx on Saturday and watch her hunt for eggs.

Today's saying is really cute and I'm sure I will definitely use it in the future, and not just as it was used in the calendar.
     If your little one is dressed up in Mommy's clothes, you might say.... 
You don't have to grow on a tree to be a nut.
Don't you think this is a good one?  Of course, if someone is saying it to you, it might not be so funny, but I plan to use it soon!

Off to bed so I can be early to work in the morning then to the gym...... Happy Easter!

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