Friday, April 16, 2010

Here's to Friday!

It seems like forever since I've updated my blog--- HMMM-- because there is nothing exciting going on? or we've been really busy? or I've been really lazy?  Well, the answer is probably yes, yes and yes!

Last weekend was NC State Day hosted by Small Wonders of Cary Club.  The ladies did an awesome job--- the project was great, the site was wonderful and there was PLENTY of good food throughout the day!  I had a sales table for my friend Sydnie who is a member of the Cary club.  Sales were good and I think she was pleased with the total.  There were a lot of people hard at work during the day, I however, opened my kit, looked at the contents and put it all back in the bag-- except for the floor tiles-- a couple of other ladies really wanted green floors and I know I'm not going to use them, so I passed them on.  I had a great time catching up with friends I only see once a year.  At lunch we exchanged table favors-  I made boxes of snacks for everyone and a grocery sack.  After lunch the souveniers were given out and the centerpieces given away.  The souveniers were a chair for the project and a plate of donuts and cup of coffee.  For the centerpieces, we each picked a box out of a bag that was passed around the table.  Everyone opened them together-- it was a pad of paper and some desk accessories (actually another souvenier), one pad of paper at each table said "you won".  I looked in the box and then was looking around the table to see who won-- I was in such a hurry to see who won, I hadn't looked closely at my own box- see, I have never won a centerpiece and just figured my "luck" would continue-- well, I was wrong-- I WON!!!! The centerpieces were a half inch scale version of the main workshop.  My friend Mary Ellen made the centerpiece on our table- a garden shed.  I was more than excited-- what do you think?  Remember, the scale of everything in this project is 1/2 inch = 1 foot.

The pictures really don't do it justice-- my camera was acting up for some reason.  My one inch scale project will be a Raggedy Ann and Andy shop.  I'm anxious to get started on it!  Later in the afternoon, there was a drawing for doorprizes ( I got a work tote with some tools in it) and also drawings for "helpers" (most folks call it a raffle, but we don't use that word in minis).  My luck held out and I won a beautiful "French Salon" project-- and best of all, it was made by several of my friends!  I'm thinking of adding some lights to it, but promise to get some pictures of it soon.

Tomorrow is UPS at Debbie's house.  I hope she has recuperated at least a little after last weekend and all the work she did for State Day. 

Wednesday, April and I went to Charlotte to shop at IKEA.  We had a BLAST-- it was a lot of fun.  I pretty much behaved myself- I got a new light fixture for over the kitchen table-- hopefully it will be installed soon and I can post a picture of it.

Yesterday, I worked out with Megan then went to miniature club.  After club I went to see Sydnie and help her as she is getting her house ready to sell.  I know this move is a good thing for her, but I'm gonna miss her!

Of course, I've been working-- have to support my habits you know.

Tomorrow evening is supper club--we are bringing salad and garlic bread.  I'm glad I've got it easy since I'll be playing during the day!

So, I guess I have been kind of busy-- and probably a little lazy too--- but that's some of what's been happening around here-- I know I still have to catch up with the calendar-- maybe on Sunday---more later!

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