Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack.......

Well, at least I hope I am! I think today was Thursday- good for me that when I hover over the time in the lower right hand corner of the computer screen I can see the day and date! Sometimes, I get very confused about what day it is-- please don't think I losing my mind (well, maybe I am) but having a work schedule that changes every week can trip me up a bit.

Today was Marcia and John's 15th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!!!They went to Las Vegas last week to visit family and sadly, to say goodbye to his mother. I'm sure this has been a trying time for him.

Marshall is due home from his TDY tomorrow-- I know Mary and Mdx will be happy to see him! He is scheduled to attend Airman Leadership School (ALS) soon (maybe next week?) which is a GOOD thing-- the other guy on TDY with him got extended for thirty more days. Marshall would have been extended too except for going to ALS which he has to do before he can sew on Staff Sgt.
Speaking of Marshall, an envelope came addressed to him the other day---- it was a parking ticket ($80) for a rental car he had used on a TDY -- the ticket was issued in Norfolk, VA on a day the car was parked in DC---Mike scanned the ticket and sent it to him in an email (all by himself!) so hopefully Marshall will get it sorted out soon.

I spent Tuesday at my friend Sydnie's house continuing to help her organize her miniatures before her house goes on the market. Her goal is to have it listed on Sunday. Again I say-- I'm going to miss her when she moves to Florida.

Monday starts an exercise challenge at work. I signed up to participate-- now I have to get myself in gear and get my mind set to do it!

I spent some time organizing my own miniatures the last couple of days--- I've still got a lot to do, but I've made some progress-- it might not be apparent to the uninitiated, but Mike noticed a difference, so it must look at least a little better!

I've got a lot of calendar catch up to do--- so here goes........

4/5 Catalogs.....I need another catalog like a pig needs a saddle.

4/6 If you're getting angry at someone, you might say....
I'll cloud up and rain all over you.

4/7 Laziness... He wouldn't catch his breath if it didn't come natural.

4/8 Perceptive Person... He don't wear no blinders.

4/9 Ego... She thinks she's the only huckleberry on the bush.

4/9-10 Hard Work... Grass don't grow on a busy street.

4/12 Too Thin... She's so skinny if she drank tomato juice, she'd look like a thermometer.

4/13 If you think someone has the wrong facts, you might say...
You're barkin' up the wrong tree and sniffin' the wrong hole.

4/14 Income Tax... Doin' my income taxes makes me feel like a short dog in tall grass.

4/15 Having your congressman listen to your plea for lower taxes is...
Like a blind man talking to his deaf dog.

4/16 Both Sides of the Story... Every stick has two ends.

4/17-18 Tightwad... He wouldn't pay a nickel to watch an ant pull a freight train.

4/19 Hard Times... He fell on stony ground.

4/20 If you're in agreement with someone, you might say...
We're both sittin' in the amen corner.

4/21 Self-importance... They're so snooty that if they get to heaven they're gonna ask to see the upstairs.

and finally--- 4/22 If your buddy did too much partyin', you might say...
You overwound your watch.

This was longer than I anticipated-- hope I haven't bored you too much!!
More later....

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