Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Nothing very interesting around here this weekend--- I worked Friday night and got flexed last night.

 Mike is getting things together for a yard sale next weekend. The neighborhood is having a yard sale, so he is joining in.  His folks might come to help him-- I have plans with April next Saturday!

I was able to work a trade for Mother's Day weekend, so I'll get to spend some time the Virgina crew while they are in town!

Marshall got home Friday night from his TDY.  I'm sure Mary and Mdx are glad to see him!

I need to spend some time upstairs in my studio this afternoon-- it is WAY out of control-- imagine that!

Friday's calendar saying.... Unwanted relatives......
                              Every garden has some weeds.

I'm going to leave this one alone--- I'm sure I've been the person considered the weed a time or two!

and for the weekend...Stupidity....
                   He ain't got sense enough to pour water out of a boot if the directions were on the heel.

This put another funny picture in my head-- how about you?  Don't we all know somebody like this?

I'm off to the studio, wish me luck!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack.......

Well, at least I hope I am! I think today was Thursday- good for me that when I hover over the time in the lower right hand corner of the computer screen I can see the day and date! Sometimes, I get very confused about what day it is-- please don't think I losing my mind (well, maybe I am) but having a work schedule that changes every week can trip me up a bit.

Today was Marcia and John's 15th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!!!They went to Las Vegas last week to visit family and sadly, to say goodbye to his mother. I'm sure this has been a trying time for him.

Marshall is due home from his TDY tomorrow-- I know Mary and Mdx will be happy to see him! He is scheduled to attend Airman Leadership School (ALS) soon (maybe next week?) which is a GOOD thing-- the other guy on TDY with him got extended for thirty more days. Marshall would have been extended too except for going to ALS which he has to do before he can sew on Staff Sgt.
Speaking of Marshall, an envelope came addressed to him the other day---- it was a parking ticket ($80) for a rental car he had used on a TDY -- the ticket was issued in Norfolk, VA on a day the car was parked in DC---Mike scanned the ticket and sent it to him in an email (all by himself!) so hopefully Marshall will get it sorted out soon.

I spent Tuesday at my friend Sydnie's house continuing to help her organize her miniatures before her house goes on the market. Her goal is to have it listed on Sunday. Again I say-- I'm going to miss her when she moves to Florida.

Monday starts an exercise challenge at work. I signed up to participate-- now I have to get myself in gear and get my mind set to do it!

I spent some time organizing my own miniatures the last couple of days--- I've still got a lot to do, but I've made some progress-- it might not be apparent to the uninitiated, but Mike noticed a difference, so it must look at least a little better!

I've got a lot of calendar catch up to do--- so here goes........

4/5 Catalogs.....I need another catalog like a pig needs a saddle.

4/6 If you're getting angry at someone, you might say....
I'll cloud up and rain all over you.

4/7 Laziness... He wouldn't catch his breath if it didn't come natural.

4/8 Perceptive Person... He don't wear no blinders.

4/9 Ego... She thinks she's the only huckleberry on the bush.

4/9-10 Hard Work... Grass don't grow on a busy street.

4/12 Too Thin... She's so skinny if she drank tomato juice, she'd look like a thermometer.

4/13 If you think someone has the wrong facts, you might say...
You're barkin' up the wrong tree and sniffin' the wrong hole.

4/14 Income Tax... Doin' my income taxes makes me feel like a short dog in tall grass.

4/15 Having your congressman listen to your plea for lower taxes is...
Like a blind man talking to his deaf dog.

4/16 Both Sides of the Story... Every stick has two ends.

4/17-18 Tightwad... He wouldn't pay a nickel to watch an ant pull a freight train.

4/19 Hard Times... He fell on stony ground.

4/20 If you're in agreement with someone, you might say...
We're both sittin' in the amen corner.

4/21 Self-importance... They're so snooty that if they get to heaven they're gonna ask to see the upstairs.

and finally--- 4/22 If your buddy did too much partyin', you might say...
You overwound your watch.

This was longer than I anticipated-- hope I haven't bored you too much!!
More later....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Here's to Friday!

It seems like forever since I've updated my blog--- HMMM-- because there is nothing exciting going on? or we've been really busy? or I've been really lazy?  Well, the answer is probably yes, yes and yes!

Last weekend was NC State Day hosted by Small Wonders of Cary Club.  The ladies did an awesome job--- the project was great, the site was wonderful and there was PLENTY of good food throughout the day!  I had a sales table for my friend Sydnie who is a member of the Cary club.  Sales were good and I think she was pleased with the total.  There were a lot of people hard at work during the day, I however, opened my kit, looked at the contents and put it all back in the bag-- except for the floor tiles-- a couple of other ladies really wanted green floors and I know I'm not going to use them, so I passed them on.  I had a great time catching up with friends I only see once a year.  At lunch we exchanged table favors-  I made boxes of snacks for everyone and a grocery sack.  After lunch the souveniers were given out and the centerpieces given away.  The souveniers were a chair for the project and a plate of donuts and cup of coffee.  For the centerpieces, we each picked a box out of a bag that was passed around the table.  Everyone opened them together-- it was a pad of paper and some desk accessories (actually another souvenier), one pad of paper at each table said "you won".  I looked in the box and then was looking around the table to see who won-- I was in such a hurry to see who won, I hadn't looked closely at my own box- see, I have never won a centerpiece and just figured my "luck" would continue-- well, I was wrong-- I WON!!!! The centerpieces were a half inch scale version of the main workshop.  My friend Mary Ellen made the centerpiece on our table- a garden shed.  I was more than excited-- what do you think?  Remember, the scale of everything in this project is 1/2 inch = 1 foot.

The pictures really don't do it justice-- my camera was acting up for some reason.  My one inch scale project will be a Raggedy Ann and Andy shop.  I'm anxious to get started on it!  Later in the afternoon, there was a drawing for doorprizes ( I got a work tote with some tools in it) and also drawings for "helpers" (most folks call it a raffle, but we don't use that word in minis).  My luck held out and I won a beautiful "French Salon" project-- and best of all, it was made by several of my friends!  I'm thinking of adding some lights to it, but promise to get some pictures of it soon.

Tomorrow is UPS at Debbie's house.  I hope she has recuperated at least a little after last weekend and all the work she did for State Day. 

Wednesday, April and I went to Charlotte to shop at IKEA.  We had a BLAST-- it was a lot of fun.  I pretty much behaved myself- I got a new light fixture for over the kitchen table-- hopefully it will be installed soon and I can post a picture of it.

Yesterday, I worked out with Megan then went to miniature club.  After club I went to see Sydnie and help her as she is getting her house ready to sell.  I know this move is a good thing for her, but I'm gonna miss her!

Of course, I've been working-- have to support my habits you know.

Tomorrow evening is supper club--we are bringing salad and garlic bread.  I'm glad I've got it easy since I'll be playing during the day!

So, I guess I have been kind of busy-- and probably a little lazy too--- but that's some of what's been happening around here-- I know I still have to catch up with the calendar-- maybe on Sunday---more later!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Here, I Really Am!

Wow, I can't believe how far behind I am.  It's been a busy couple of weeks---- No time to catch up right now--- but will do so soon!  I promise!  Talk to you soon----

Sunday, April 4, 2010


                 If friendship were flowers, I'd pick you.

And I'd hope to have a bouquet too big for any vase I own!  The weekend saying is just perfect for the beautiful two days we have just had.  We were blessed with a wonderful weekend, the sun was shining, the temperature was in the low 80's with very little humidity, and the flowers are blooming.  How appropriate for  Easter weekend!

Jenny posted some pictures on FB of Mason and Marshall having an Easter egg hunt at the hotel in Mississippi.  They were able to get away from Little Rock and drove down to spend the weekend with Marshall.  Guess you're never too old for an egg hunt!
Not the best picture, I snagged it from FB! But you can see their smiles.  At least Marshall is smiling-- Mason has never been a big smiler.

Not sure what Marc and Kris were up to this weekend.  I know they've been more than busy with getting her Mom's house ready to list and The Atlantic Stage Company plus their "regular" jobs.  Hope they've been able to get some rest.

Mike talked to his Dad today.  John was supposed to get back from Iraq late tomorrow, but will be delayed until sometime Tuesday.  We're so glad he will be home soon, I know it is hard for Marcia and David to have him gone.  (And hard for him to be gone from his family).  Speaking of Marcia and John, they will be celebrating their 15th anniversary this month-an early congratulations to them!

I have just about finished my table favors for State Day.  YEAH!!!

We didn't fix a big Easter dinner for just the two of us, I made Shrimp and Grits instead- MM GOOD! and we had strawberries and ice cream for dessert-- that's right Megan--- ICE CREAM-- the first I've had in six weeks! (Lent)

Have an early day tomorrow, then training with Megan at 4:30.  My lunch is packed and someone may be getting a surprise at work tomorrow.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Today was the annual Byrum Woods Homeowners Assoc. Easter Egg Hunt, held in our back yard!  Mary and Mdx and Mary's sister came along with Mdx's "cousins".  She calls them Cousins, which they are, it is just funny to hear her say "where are my cousins?", "goodbye cousins".  It was a beautiful day, we had a good turn out and lots of prizes!

Standing with the Easter Bunny

Have to have a snack before the big hunt!

Got my basket, let's get going!

And we're off!

Look!a golden egg!

UMMMMMMMM, CANDY!!!! and the golden egg prize- an alligator shovel, the cousins got sidewalk chalk and a ball--everybody was a winner!

A tired girl with a sweet smile "sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap"

Mdx and Mary left for Grammy and Gramps' house after the hunt and will spend Easter with Gramps' family.  We had a great time and were sad to see them go, but we'll see them again soon (I hope!).

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter......

Friday, April 2, 2010


                        He'd steal anything that ain't too hot or too heavy to carry.
Don't think I really want to admit it, but I have known a person in my life who was the epitome of this saying.  Sad, but true.  Thankfully, it has been years since I have had any contact with him and doubt there will ever be an occasion to meet again.

Today was another BEAUTIFUL day here in the triangle area--- too bad I was inside at work!  Of cousre, being inside kept me out of the pollen-- that's right, everything is getting covered in the lovely chartreuse blanket known as pine pollen-- AHHHH, spring in the south!

Had another BIG date night this evening-- first dinner at Bali Hai, then to WalMart to pick up some of the supplies for the Egg Hunt tomorrow.  Didn't get home until 10pm--- mainly because we stood in line to check out at Wally World for at least 30 minutes.  But we had a good time talking to the people behind us in line!  We put the drinks for tomorrow on ice-- it's supposed to be in the high 80's tomorrow-- guess the eggs won't be hidden until right before we let the kids lose to find them!  Now we just have to hope for a good turn out-- there's no basketball until tomorrow evening, so we're good there.  Hopefully people are not out of town for the holiday-- or if they have company visiting, they'll bring 'em with 'em.

Gonna hit the hay so I can get busy in the morning!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's

I played NO April Fools jokes today, nor had any played on me.  Does that mean I'm getting old or hanging out with old people?? I don't think so, just think nobody really thought about it today.

Went to miniature club today-- I got the wiring done in my project, but it needs to be soldered.  One of our club members is going to do the honors at our next meeting.  Of course, I'm pretty sure I can do it myself, Dad taught me to solder a looooooong time ago and I did some soldering when I worked in the ortho lab.  So, if I have time, I may attempt it myself.  But, since I still have a LOT to do to get ready for State Day, I may not get 'round to it. 

After club I went to visit Sydnie.  She showed me what to do at the sales table with receipts at State Day, We visited for a while and got a pizza for dinner.  Then we went up to her workroom for a while.  I got home about 9.

It was a beautiful day here today-- the sun was out and it was warm.  The weekend is supposed to be beautiful too, except, maybe a shower on Sunday.

Can't wait to see Mdx on Saturday and watch her hunt for eggs.

Today's saying is really cute and I'm sure I will definitely use it in the future, and not just as it was used in the calendar.
     If your little one is dressed up in Mommy's clothes, you might say.... 
You don't have to grow on a tree to be a nut.
Don't you think this is a good one?  Of course, if someone is saying it to you, it might not be so funny, but I plan to use it soon!

Off to bed so I can be early to work in the morning then to the gym...... Happy Easter!