Monday, April 20, 2009

State Day 2009

Friday moring I picked up my friends Mary and Peggy and we headed toward Charlotte for NC State Day. I used mapquest to guide us on our adventure.
Our first stop was PJ's Miniatures in Albemarle, NC--the store was recently relocated from Indian Trail, NC. The new location is in downtown Albemarle on Main Street. We each picked up a few treasures for our State Day project-- and a few other goodies too!

Next we headed into Charlotte and checked into the hotel. After we got the car unloaded we went on a field trip to the local Hobby Lobby. The miniature department was quite disappointing-- but we each found a few things to add to our stashes. In the fabric dept I found some cute fabric for Mdx, but they didn't have the pattern--so I will look for it locally, but that's all I'm saying about that now-- it's a surprise.
We went back to the hotel and decided to have a glass of wine and relax. Note to self--- get a REAL corkscrew for travelling OR buy wine in a screw top bottle! I had a bottle of red and Peggy had a bottle of white and we couldn't get either one open with that cheap little corkscrew I took with us. There was a Macaroni Grill across the parking lot, so we made our way over there for a bite to eat. Some of our friends were coming out as we were going in, so after we finished we got together in their room for a while. We told stories and laughed. Finally turned the lights out at 12:30. It seemed like we had just closed our eyes when the alarm went off at 6:00. After loading up on carbs at the breakfast buffet, it was time to head over for State Day.

We got to the church right at 8:00, got registered and started shopping (again!). We saw so many friends we only get to see once a year or less-- it was a lot of fun.

The project this year was a wine cellar

This is a prototype of the project we worked on.

Even though we worked all morning and some of the afternoon, we have a LOT more to do before ours will be finished. We are planning to meet some time next week and work together on our wine cellars. I'll post pictures of our projects later.

We got back to Raleigh about 7:00 Sat evening-- tired and mini-ed out!

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