Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Day Off

I actually have a day off today-- the only commitment I have is Bible study at 7:15.

I decided last night that I was going to sleep in this morning-- is 12:30 still morning? Except for some crazy dreams right before I got up-- I slept hard. Sorry if I snored Mike!

As I was getting dressed, the power went out -again- by the time I came back in after walking the dogs it was back on, but it is such a pain-- it went out Tues and yesterday too.

I decided not to go to the gym today-- my knee is still bothering me some and I have to work all weekend, so I am resting it today.

Number #3 son has posted an update on his blog "A Day in the Life" about his travels so far on his way to Iraq. He even had a picture of himself (last alcoholic drink for who knows how long in hand) before he left Norfolk. If I knew how to put a link in he blog I would-- but I don't.

I put in a load of laundry, only because I want to prewash some fabric for a new project.

Now I am off to my studio-- not sure what I will work on, but there are PLENTY of UFO's out there to keep busy this afternoon. I should fix the seam in a pair of scrub pants, but that doesn't sound like a lot of fun.


  1. Here's the URL:

    I didn't know he had started that blog - it will be a great way to keep in touch!

  2. Oh - to make a link, just highlight the words you want to have be the 'link' in your blog... then click the little paperclip like thingie in the tool bar and enter the URL for the website you want to link to... email me if you have issues with it, I'll try to talk you through it.