Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm SOOOO Tired

Worked last night, and ended up staying over until about 8:00 doing some paperwork. Didn't get to bed until 10:00, up at 2:30 walked the dogs then off to the gym. I can't believe I actually did more walking after being on my feet most of the night! Then I did the circuit room and a few of the machines on the floor including chin-ups and pull-ups (on the counter balance machine).

Tomorrow I've got a play date with the UPS club (unfinished projects on Saturday). I GUESS I can find an unfinished project in my studio to take with me! Then we are celebrating Maria's 50th birthday!

The house has been so quiet since Mdx and her parents went home- she is constantly on the move and notices everything around her!

Mike had to go to SC on business today, so he is getting a bonus visit with our Myrtle Beach kids, lucky him! Guess I'll enjoy the quiet here tonight and get to bed early-- yeah right!

Until later!

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