Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Should be Asleep!

This weekend I did something I haven't done in a LOOOOOONG time. I worked 3 12 hour nights in a row-- Fri, Sat and Sun. I came home Mon morning (it is technically Tues morning now) and got to bed about 9:30-- I slept until 3:30-- really wanted to get up earlier, but my body and mind were in a fight and the body won. I had had big plans for the afternoon--once again, nothing got done. At least I didn't spend the evening eating everything in sight as has been known to happen in similar situations.

I am meeting my trainer at 8 AM to do a reassessment before starting my session. I am hoping my measurements are better this time-- my weight is down a little, not as much as I would like, but while I try to be conscious of what I am eating, I'm not following any strict diet. I also have not been to the gym since last Wed. My knee is still bothering me some-- not nearly as much as last week, but it was swollen all 3 mornings when I got home from work this weekend. I slept with an icepack on it each day.

My gym plan for this week is: this morning at 8 with Gail, then Wed afternoon (I will be in a class at the hospital all day and will go to "decompress"). I'll take Thur and Fri off and then go again Sat after I wake up (working Fri night).

After the gym tomorrow, I need to make a trip to the bank-- I have a CD that matured today and I need to find a different vehichle for the money-- don't want it to roll over into the same program-- this is money received from the sale of a house my Mom owned, not a huge amont, but I've been able to use the interst to fund some of my miniature acquisitions. And I KNOW Mom would approve of me doing this with the money rather than something mundane like paying bills (which thankfully, it's not a necessity to use the money for). And the fact I am using the interest makes the money go even further.

Once that is done I WILL work in my studio in the afternoon. I'd like to get the Shaker wash stand project done (last club project) and possibly pull out the sewing machine for a while.

I also need to spend some quality time on my Bible study reading-- this is our next to last meeting and we are studying Revelation. Next week will be our last time together-I will miss the fellowship and support I have received. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the other members on a more personal level.

We are getting together with the neighborhood supper club group Sat evening. It's always fun to get together with them-haven't gotten my assignment yet.

Have had several chats with #3 son when we both happen to be online at the same time, it is good to here from him and he is so far updating his blog daily.

Since I need to have some energy early this morning-- I'm off to bed again and will hopefully get some deep sleep.


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