Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's Happening?

It's only Tuesday, but I feel like I should be done for the week. My manager offered me a learning opportunity-- to become ACLS certified (advanced cardiac life support-- CPR super sized!). The first part of the process is a 4 part class about reading the ECG (or EKG) strips, today was the second class-- I walked out of the room numb. Thank goodness we have 2 weeks to do the homework-- it's going to take me that long to sort all the different strips out.

My plan was to go to the gym after work today, but I decided to treat myself to a pedicure instead. I left the nail salon very relaxed after a hot rock leg and foot massage and my toes are "Malaga wine".

My Bible study group got together tonight for a wrap-up dinner. We met at a local restaurant and had a small room to ourselves. We all agreed we missed meeting weekly and spent the evening catching up with each other. I am always amazed at how a group of random people can grow to know one another and become a support system for one another. This has definitely been a year of spiritual and personal growth for me, and I thank each member of the group for all they have given me.

We spent last weekend caring for Mdx while her mother rode 150 miles for MS. We had a great time with her, she is really growing up. She sits at her own table to eat and takes her plate to the sink, then wipes the table when she is finished.

Mdx and I took a walk Sat morning and found a yard sale-- I scored her a pair of Sketcher's and a pair of Mary Jane's for $1 each! I figured we went about a mile-- me walking, her in the stroller.

After lunch and a nap (for both of us!) I gave her the art apron I made. She looked really cute with it on.
Please, no comments on the hair do, remember, Grandma only had boys!

We took a walk and played with bubbles.

Sunday we played in the yard and had more bubbles. Mdx wore her new shoes!

Amos and Auggie really liked being able to run free in the fenced yard- but they sure were tired! Poor Macy had to share her bed them.

That's probably more than enough for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures! We are off to Myrtle Beach on Friday to see a play starring #1 son (no matter what his role is, he'll be the star to me!)and directed by his wife. Later......

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