Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Week-- Another Cold

Friday we went to visit #1 son and wife in Myrtle Beach. With some of their friends they have formed The Atlantic Theater Company. Friday was the final performance of "The Complete History of America--Abridged". #1 son was one of the three actors and dil directed the show. We laughed so hard through the entire play! There was slap stick comedy, vaudeville, innuendo, play on words-- just about any kind of comedy you can think of-- and then some. We are looking forward to seeing more of the company's productions in the future!

My sister and her husband came from Atlanta for the weekend, too. Saturday morning, we headed to one of the local flea markets. Got a few things-- 2 spatulas, a tart pan, 2 pairs of sandals and a ball for Mdx. After the flea market we met up with #1 son and dil at Barefoot Landing. We looked in some of the stores, had lunch at Joe's, then dil and I visited the winery there. We tasted 7 different wines each- I like dry, she goes for more of the sweet ones-- and then tasted a wine slushy. That's right-- frozen wine! Talk about brain freeze!! It was fun.
We stopped at one of the outlet malls to visit Le Gourmet Chef then back to their house. We sent the guys out to get stuff for pizza and then spent the evening (until about 1AM) around the kitchen table talking and stuff. (That's all I'm going to say about that).

I started feeling stuffy Saturday, but was completely congested when I woke up on Sunday. We went out to look for a dresser-- didn't find anything-- and then headed back to Raleigh. I spent most of the trip wrapped up in a blanket and went to bed almost as soon as we got home. I've been of work the last 2 nights no voice, constant coughing and sneezing don't go over well in the hospital. I have absolutely no energy-- just walking up the steps makes me want to lie down. We had a really good time, just hate that I was sick part of the time.

This weekend I am having a play date with some friends here. I'm planning to make an Indian Chicken salad. I made the salad last year and everyone liked it. I can mostly be made the day before so I won't be in the kitchen all morning-- I like that. For dessert I found a recipe for Lemonade pie- and I'll probably make some brownies too.

Off to bed for now-- want to watch the Steven Colbert show tonight-- #3 son was in the audience in Iraq for the filming yesterday.

Oh-- Happy Anniversary to the Myrtle Beach kids! I forgot to get you a card-- sorry.

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