Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Brand New Week

Last night I got called in to work "on call"-- an extra shift to reach the staffing number-- I already had 44 hours on the clock for this week, so I was in OT the moment I clocked in. Not only OT, but I get $5/hr for being on call, plus evening and night differentials, plus $10/hr for "weekend differential" (it starts on Fri 7P shift), plus time and a half for OT. I was there until 1AM, so I should have a pretty decent check next week!

I am only scheduled for my "normal" 40 hours this week-- and that is all I am going to work! (Famous last words). Tomorrow I will get the miniature club newsletter out to the members-- we have a meeting on Thursday. Then I am hoping to spend some time in my studio-- probably plowing a path through the room, not necessarily getting any play time in. And I need to start studying for my next "Learning Opportunity" which is Advanced Cardiac Life Support on July 9th and 10th.

Monday I am working an 8 hour day shift-- it is payroll Monday, so we have to make sure everyone's time card is accurate and any extra amounts are properly entered. Pay days can be quite tense when "we" made a mistake and didn't get "their" pay right-- and it doesn't matter that "they" did not bother to clock in or out or write a note in the communication book so "we" would KNOW to correct "their" time cards. OK, I've had my moment-- I'm over it!

Tuesday I am staffing 7P shift.

Thursday I am meeting with the schedule committee to post shifts for casual staff and get an idea how much on call will be needed. Then I get to go to miniature club-- but I need to remember I will be acting secretary and take appropriate minutes. If I still need some more hours, I will go back in after the club meeting.

It is my holiday to work--- so I will staff Sat, Sun and Mon 7P.

So, I will be off Sunday, Wednesday (but will have to sleep in the morning), and Friday. My goal is to get to the gym Monday afternoon, Weds after I wake up (hopefully about 1 or so) and again on Friday-- I will walk and do arms on Monday, walk and/or bike on Wed and do legs and walk and/or bike on Fri and do some arms and core.

Off to finish reading my Sunday School lesson for the morning!

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  1. I've not been able to make it to my dollhouse miniatures club for over a year now. :(