Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One More "Learning Opportunity" Down!

Today I finished yet another "learning opportunity" related to my job. I took a 2 day fetal monitoring class. I passed the test, so I will get my CEU's--- YEAH!!!! Now I have to start the pre-course work for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. After that class (scheduled for July 9&10), I will review the computer charting used in the Birth Center PACU (recovery room) and then orient in there to be a back up to the OR staff.

So far this week I have worked 32 hours. I still have a 12 hour shift tomorrow (Thursday) and 12 hours on call Friday night. This week has been really busy in L&D and all the on call nurses have gotten called in to staff. The paycheck will be nice, but I'm going to be totally worn out on Sat morning.

Mike went to see his Mom and Dad last weekend. I had to work, so I stayed home with the dogs.

The tomatoes are growing and we're starting to see some green peppers. The banana peppers have a lot of new growth on them, but no sign of any peppers yet. The hostas in the front yard have almost all been eaten-- we're guessing the deer are feeling well fed!

Talked to AR kids over the weekend. We are planning to go out there in August for a week, Mike just has to get his vacation time finalized with his boss (my time off is already on the schedule).

VA dil found out they would have to move before #3 son returns from Iraq. She couldn't get anything concrete from the housing people (where or when they would be moved and for how long) but she has found a cute house off base for them to rent. It is bigger than their base housing! We're looking forward to seeing the house-- she has posted pictures on her blog and it looks really nice! She is moving in mid-July.

Hoping things will calm down around here so I can get back to the gym 3 days a week-- have only been managing 2 days lately-- and I can really tell it!

Off to study!

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