Monday, June 29, 2009

One Day Down

I managed to ONLY work 8 hours today--YEA!!! (OK, I actually had to be there 8 1/2 hours because of an automatic 30 minute meal deduction after 6 hours, but I only WORKED 8 hours).

I was at the gym by 4:30 and walked 3 miles in 54 minutes, I can tell I'm not where I was before all the respiratory mess started, but I'll get back there! Then I used the standing crunch machine thing with 50# of weight on it-- I did 4 sets of 25 crunches each. Weds I'll walk again and do some arm and balance work.

After the gym I ran into Kroger-- sweaty gym clothes and everything-- to pick up a few essentials-- there were a few specials in the deli so I got some Boar's Head meat to have for lunch. Tomorrow I'll fix a bowl of lettuce to have for salads the rest of the week. How boring is my life that I write about a trip to the grocery store!

Mike talked to #2 son today-- we are looking forward to seeing them in August.

I'll try to have a more interesting life soon! Later.....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Brand New Week

Last night I got called in to work "on call"-- an extra shift to reach the staffing number-- I already had 44 hours on the clock for this week, so I was in OT the moment I clocked in. Not only OT, but I get $5/hr for being on call, plus evening and night differentials, plus $10/hr for "weekend differential" (it starts on Fri 7P shift), plus time and a half for OT. I was there until 1AM, so I should have a pretty decent check next week!

I am only scheduled for my "normal" 40 hours this week-- and that is all I am going to work! (Famous last words). Tomorrow I will get the miniature club newsletter out to the members-- we have a meeting on Thursday. Then I am hoping to spend some time in my studio-- probably plowing a path through the room, not necessarily getting any play time in. And I need to start studying for my next "Learning Opportunity" which is Advanced Cardiac Life Support on July 9th and 10th.

Monday I am working an 8 hour day shift-- it is payroll Monday, so we have to make sure everyone's time card is accurate and any extra amounts are properly entered. Pay days can be quite tense when "we" made a mistake and didn't get "their" pay right-- and it doesn't matter that "they" did not bother to clock in or out or write a note in the communication book so "we" would KNOW to correct "their" time cards. OK, I've had my moment-- I'm over it!

Tuesday I am staffing 7P shift.

Thursday I am meeting with the schedule committee to post shifts for casual staff and get an idea how much on call will be needed. Then I get to go to miniature club-- but I need to remember I will be acting secretary and take appropriate minutes. If I still need some more hours, I will go back in after the club meeting.

It is my holiday to work--- so I will staff Sat, Sun and Mon 7P.

So, I will be off Sunday, Wednesday (but will have to sleep in the morning), and Friday. My goal is to get to the gym Monday afternoon, Weds after I wake up (hopefully about 1 or so) and again on Friday-- I will walk and do arms on Monday, walk and/or bike on Wed and do legs and walk and/or bike on Fri and do some arms and core.

Off to finish reading my Sunday School lesson for the morning!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One More "Learning Opportunity" Down!

Today I finished yet another "learning opportunity" related to my job. I took a 2 day fetal monitoring class. I passed the test, so I will get my CEU's--- YEAH!!!! Now I have to start the pre-course work for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. After that class (scheduled for July 9&10), I will review the computer charting used in the Birth Center PACU (recovery room) and then orient in there to be a back up to the OR staff.

So far this week I have worked 32 hours. I still have a 12 hour shift tomorrow (Thursday) and 12 hours on call Friday night. This week has been really busy in L&D and all the on call nurses have gotten called in to staff. The paycheck will be nice, but I'm going to be totally worn out on Sat morning.

Mike went to see his Mom and Dad last weekend. I had to work, so I stayed home with the dogs.

The tomatoes are growing and we're starting to see some green peppers. The banana peppers have a lot of new growth on them, but no sign of any peppers yet. The hostas in the front yard have almost all been eaten-- we're guessing the deer are feeling well fed!

Talked to AR kids over the weekend. We are planning to go out there in August for a week, Mike just has to get his vacation time finalized with his boss (my time off is already on the schedule).

VA dil found out they would have to move before #3 son returns from Iraq. She couldn't get anything concrete from the housing people (where or when they would be moved and for how long) but she has found a cute house off base for them to rent. It is bigger than their base housing! We're looking forward to seeing the house-- she has posted pictures on her blog and it looks really nice! She is moving in mid-July.

Hoping things will calm down around here so I can get back to the gym 3 days a week-- have only been managing 2 days lately-- and I can really tell it!

Off to study!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More 'Maters and Stuff

The "farm" is really starting to take off-- there are at least 6 tomatoes on the vines and lots more flowers! I think the green peppers are starting to "set" (I think that's what you call it). The morning glories are starting to climb the trellis too. There seems to be some new growth on the banana pepper plants, but no sign of any peppers. Next time I want to use basil I can go out and cut some, and the parsley is coming along too.

Mike is in Charlotte tonight-- met his boss there this AM and will be home sometime tomorrow evening (probably after I have to leave for work).

My treadmill studying paid off-- I passed the arrhythmia test. Now I have to start on the precourse work for ACLS. BUT-- next week I have a 2 day fetal monitoring class (yearly competency requirement). I was on call for 6 hours tonight, but didn't get called in-- have to work tomorrow and then Sat and Sun.

Went to the gym today-- did 49 minutes on the treadmill, just over 2.5 miles and then did some weights. I could tell my equilibrium is still off from all this sinus stuff I've had going on-- I had trouble standing on the Bosu ball doing and doing curls and presses (something I've been doing with no trouble for months). Also did some core work.

Mike got a call from his Mom today-- his Dad is in the hospital again-- they got a call from the MD office telling them to take him in to be admitted. I don't have all the details, but it is related to kidney function-- hopefully will get more details tomorrow. His Dad was also diagnosed with gout earlier this week, so don't know if it is all connected or not. Mike will be going to see them this weekend.

VA dil has found a great house for them to move to-- their base housing is being demolished and the options of what is available in base housing is pretty yucky. She posted some pictures on her blog-- can't wait to see it in person!

#2 son got a call from his Sgt about a full time guard job-- he has put together a package (an application) for the position. It would be really great for this to work out for him.

Tomorrow is miniature club-- not sure what Shaker project the VP has planned for us--about the only piece of Shaker furniture we haven't made is a bed--HMMMMM-- I have to put a final finish on some of the pieces, but all my kits have been assembled! I am excited about the project for next year-- it will be challenging, but the result will be worth it!

That's it for now-- g'nite

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's New-----

Had a great weekend-- there were 7 of us Saturday for our UPS (Unfinished Projects on Saturday) group. We all worked on different projects, and were able to help one another along the way. The other ladies are all members of the Cary club and are busy preparing for next year's State Day. Since I'm not a member of that club, I just listen as they talk about the trials and tribulations that go along with being the host club. Lunch was great-even if I do say so myself! Mike and I ate the leftovers for dinner last night, lunch today and dinner again tonight.

Some how, I got volunteered (or as #2 son would say-voluntold) to speak in church this morning about the year long Bible study I was involved in. I panicked just a little when I got there and saw all the other speakers had written out what they were going to say-- and all I had brought was a picture of sons #2 & #3 in their uniforms. I spoke from my heart about being in small group study and the power of intercessory prayer- especially as it had impacted my family during our study time. When I walked up to the pulpit to speak I felt WAY out of my comfort zone, but as I spoke that feeling completely left me and I got lots of positive feedback after the service.

I spent this afternoon working in my studio and doing laundry. I got the last 2 Shaker furniture kits sanded, stained and put together. I made some adjustments to the work table kit and am happy with the results. After I get the spray finish done, I will take some pictures and post them.

I have a class at 8:30 in the morning-- more later!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We've Got a Tomato!

We went out to look at the "farm" this evening and found a tomato growing on one of the plants!! There are quite a few other flowers on the plants growing in containers, but of the 6 plants that were in the ground, we are down to only one left--- looks like they've been eaten from underground. The banana pepper plants look like they turned into deer food, but the bell pepper plants have itty bitty peppers starting to grow! The basil is coming up nicely (started from seeds I found in the $1 bin at Target). The parsley (also from Target) is a little behind.

Gotta go start getting things ready for the weekend!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Week-- Another Cold

Friday we went to visit #1 son and wife in Myrtle Beach. With some of their friends they have formed The Atlantic Theater Company. Friday was the final performance of "The Complete History of America--Abridged". #1 son was one of the three actors and dil directed the show. We laughed so hard through the entire play! There was slap stick comedy, vaudeville, innuendo, play on words-- just about any kind of comedy you can think of-- and then some. We are looking forward to seeing more of the company's productions in the future!

My sister and her husband came from Atlanta for the weekend, too. Saturday morning, we headed to one of the local flea markets. Got a few things-- 2 spatulas, a tart pan, 2 pairs of sandals and a ball for Mdx. After the flea market we met up with #1 son and dil at Barefoot Landing. We looked in some of the stores, had lunch at Joe's, then dil and I visited the winery there. We tasted 7 different wines each- I like dry, she goes for more of the sweet ones-- and then tasted a wine slushy. That's right-- frozen wine! Talk about brain freeze!! It was fun.
We stopped at one of the outlet malls to visit Le Gourmet Chef then back to their house. We sent the guys out to get stuff for pizza and then spent the evening (until about 1AM) around the kitchen table talking and stuff. (That's all I'm going to say about that).

I started feeling stuffy Saturday, but was completely congested when I woke up on Sunday. We went out to look for a dresser-- didn't find anything-- and then headed back to Raleigh. I spent most of the trip wrapped up in a blanket and went to bed almost as soon as we got home. I've been of work the last 2 nights no voice, constant coughing and sneezing don't go over well in the hospital. I have absolutely no energy-- just walking up the steps makes me want to lie down. We had a really good time, just hate that I was sick part of the time.

This weekend I am having a play date with some friends here. I'm planning to make an Indian Chicken salad. I made the salad last year and everyone liked it. I can mostly be made the day before so I won't be in the kitchen all morning-- I like that. For dessert I found a recipe for Lemonade pie- and I'll probably make some brownies too.

Off to bed for now-- want to watch the Steven Colbert show tonight-- #3 son was in the audience in Iraq for the filming yesterday.

Oh-- Happy Anniversary to the Myrtle Beach kids! I forgot to get you a card-- sorry.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's Happening?

It's only Tuesday, but I feel like I should be done for the week. My manager offered me a learning opportunity-- to become ACLS certified (advanced cardiac life support-- CPR super sized!). The first part of the process is a 4 part class about reading the ECG (or EKG) strips, today was the second class-- I walked out of the room numb. Thank goodness we have 2 weeks to do the homework-- it's going to take me that long to sort all the different strips out.

My plan was to go to the gym after work today, but I decided to treat myself to a pedicure instead. I left the nail salon very relaxed after a hot rock leg and foot massage and my toes are "Malaga wine".

My Bible study group got together tonight for a wrap-up dinner. We met at a local restaurant and had a small room to ourselves. We all agreed we missed meeting weekly and spent the evening catching up with each other. I am always amazed at how a group of random people can grow to know one another and become a support system for one another. This has definitely been a year of spiritual and personal growth for me, and I thank each member of the group for all they have given me.

We spent last weekend caring for Mdx while her mother rode 150 miles for MS. We had a great time with her, she is really growing up. She sits at her own table to eat and takes her plate to the sink, then wipes the table when she is finished.

Mdx and I took a walk Sat morning and found a yard sale-- I scored her a pair of Sketcher's and a pair of Mary Jane's for $1 each! I figured we went about a mile-- me walking, her in the stroller.

After lunch and a nap (for both of us!) I gave her the art apron I made. She looked really cute with it on.
Please, no comments on the hair do, remember, Grandma only had boys!

We took a walk and played with bubbles.

Sunday we played in the yard and had more bubbles. Mdx wore her new shoes!

Amos and Auggie really liked being able to run free in the fenced yard- but they sure were tired! Poor Macy had to share her bed them.

That's probably more than enough for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures! We are off to Myrtle Beach on Friday to see a play starring #1 son (no matter what his role is, he'll be the star to me!)and directed by his wife. Later......