Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Marshall and I took  a walk to town this afternoon.  We had chicken on a stick and a corndog---YUM!  Then we went to a pottery place-- another one of those places that has a store front, but, "more downstair". The Korean celadon pottery is so pretty! I found some pieces I really liked-- but it was hard to make a decision!  I finally picked out a few pieces and had them wrapped to mail.  Marshall ran up to the base to get me some more cash while the guy was wrapping my stuff.  When he got back, Marshall said--uh, Mom, you didn't have any money---what the??? it was after noon here so it was after midnight at home---so hmmmmm, my paycheck SHOULD have been deposited--- guess I'll try again later.  It has been very strange not just whipping out the credit card every time I want to buy something-- Dave Ramsey would be proud!

We walked out on the street and stopped at one of the "packing guys" and got my stuff ready to mail---first he lined the bubble wrapped packages up on his table, then selected a box that he lined with 1 inch styrofoam, he packed the bubble wrapped packets in then filled the space with newspaper-- we will go to the PO on base tomorrow and send it off to NC.

It is such a beautiful day that we stopped at the "Blue Opera" and sat outside and had a drink--LIT for both of us.  In the restaurants (and bars) there is a button on the corner of each table that you press when you are ready for service-- kind of cool!

Marshall, Mdx, Mav and I are going to Mr Chicken tonight-- good thing we've been doing so much walking-- 'coz we've sure been eating well!

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  1. Just caught up on the past several days! Sounds like you are having a great time! Keep taking lots of pictures, I can't wait to see them!