Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Korean Update

Good morning all-- at least it is morning as I am writing this!

Tuesday morning we took the train to EMart-- kind of like a Target and IKEA and a department store and a grocery store with a food court.  We walked around the store for a couple of hours and purposely did not take a cart so we wouldn't be tempted to pick up too much. There must have been 20 kinds of Kimchi for sale in the grocery section!  Everywhere you looked there were "extras" taped to packages-- like ramen noodles taped to beer, laundry bag taped to detergent, hot sauce taped to hot sauce-- pretty funny.  But the best was the "feminine hygiene product" aisle--- there were samples of all the different kinds of pads so you could feel them and see how thick they were --- hysterical!!!!!!  For lunch I had bibimbap-- vegetables over rice with a fried egg on top-- didn't care for the seaweed on top of it or the seaweed soup, but LOVED the radish Kimchi!!

Oh, at EMart there is what looks like a big refrigerator that is actually an ultraviolet sterilizing unit for the metal drinking glasses.

We walked back to the train then back to the apartment stopping at Heavenly Bread for a not so sweet treat and coffee.

I collapsed when we got back to the apartment--- seems I've got the "Korean Crud"-- runny nose, cough and congestion.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Marshall and Mary went to the gym and I stayed with Mav.  After they got back and showered, Marshall and I walked to town and had a bite to eat at Sunny and Hunny's-- a "European Cuisine" Restaurant-- I had Lumpia and Marshall had  gyro and fried ravioli--- all made right there.

Then we were off for some serious shopping!  We stopped  blanket shop and then to a place selling Coach bags-- when we went in Marshall said "the good stuff" and she took us through another store, outside and into a little tiny room-- I didn't find anything that struck my fancy there, so we moved on.  At the next place, Marshall asked if the store next door was open.  They said, "Oh yes" and led us out the front door and in next door, then we waited upstairs for a few minutes with one guy while the other guy went downstairs and moved some shelves.  They called us down and we had to climb through a little door about 3 feet tall into a tiny room about 5 feet wide and 4 feet deep.  In there we made "the deal".  It was hilarious-----and a little sketchy--- when we went back upstairs, the first guy looked all around through the door before he let us out.  Before coming back to the apartment, Marshall stopped and got a really nice Michigan hoodie and work out outfit.  We got some strawberries from a guy selling produce from the back of his truck--- 3,000 won for a kilo--$2.66 for 2.2 pounds.

I went by myself to pick Mdx up from school.  I asked the teacher if she took a nap, the teacher said no (and Mdx did too).  Mdx said "I want candy", I told her since she didn't take a nap, she couldn't have a treat.  She started crying and suddenly there were 3 teachers hovering over her asking her what was wrong, she said "I want candy" and off one of the teachers went to get her a piece of candy--- UMMM guess who runs the school------ she is something else!  Today we made a deal, if she takes a nap, I will take her to the store for a treat--- guess we'll see how that goes!

Not sure what today's adventure will be.  Mary has book club tonight.

More later,

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