Monday, March 28, 2011

Korean Folk Village

This morning Marshall and Mary let Mdx play hooky from school and we went to the Korean Folk Village in Suwon.  We walked to the train station, rode 7 stops and got off at the A K Plaza-- a REALLY upscale mall in Suwon (read really expensive). (The elevators had lights in the floor).  We bought our tickets for the Folk Village, but had about 30 minutes until it left so we walked through the mall for a little bit.

Once we got to the Folk Village we were transported back about 300 years.  Marshall and Mary had been there when Leslie (Mary's Mom) was here in November, but said we saw different things than they saw on that trip.  The "village" is over 200 acres, so it is easy to see how you wouldn't be able to see it all in one trip.  We climbed up a hill and up stone steps to a Buddhist temple-- it was pretty awe inspiring.  I think I took about 300 pictures while we were there.

There was a man there making honey candy.  He started with a piece of honey and working in a container of cornstarch stretched it into thin strands almost as fine as strands of hair.  Then he took a spoonful of a nut mixture and wrapped the strands around it--- it was pretty neat to watch.  We got some of the candy, so who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones to get to try it!

When we got back to Songtan, we took a taxi back to the apartment.  Mary and Mav went to the bowling alley on base-- an outing with the Enlisted Spouses Club.  Marshall Mdx and I went out to dinner with Kenny, the realtor Marshall used to find the apartment- more on that in another post-- it's a doozy!!!

More later.....

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