Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Korean Adventure Begins

Greetings from the land of the morning calm!  Okay, so I've been here for four days, but I promise to catch you up.

Only one hiccup on the trip here--- when I checked in for my international flight at JFK, the ticket person at Asisana Airlines said that I was checking in late and my bags may not make it onto the plane-- UMMMM- can you say minor panic attack-- since I would be staying over an hour south of Seoul and she said if my bags didn't come off the plane, to ask the airline people when I arrived--- I figured I couldn't do anything about it at that point so I got on the plane and hoped for the best.  My bags were there and so was Marshall to meet me.

We took the bus to Songtan and got a cab from the bus station to a little restaurant near their apartment.  Then walked up the hill.  Mary and Marshall had not told Maddox I was coming-- she did a double take when I walked in the door and then ran to me and said "Grandma, you're in Korea".

Saturday morning we were up early-- at least early in my book!  Maddox has a clock at her bedside and is not supposed to get up before she sees a "7"---- but sometimes gets up and plays in her room for a while.  Mary went to spin class and Marshall and I walked into town with the kids.  We went to the realtor's office and exchanged dollars for won.  Then we bought Maddox some new house shoes for school--- Koreans do not wear their street shoes indoors, so the kids have house shoes at school and change just inside the front door.  We walked back home for lunch and naps.  We went back to town for dinner at a Peruvian restaurant-----really good!!!!!

Sunday morning we got up and headed for Seoul.  It was raining, so Marshall called a taxi to take us to the train station.  The fare for around town is $2.30--American, no matter how many people you cram in.   Three trains later we were in Seoul at the Coex Mall.  We went to the food court ( the train ride was about 2 hours and cost 1,900 won-- $1.69 American).  The food was served on real plates and when we were done we had to return them to where we had ordered.  Also, all the restaurants gave us a small cup for water and there were water coolers all over the food court. After we ate we went to the aquarium-- it was really interesting, and crowded.  Koreans only have one day a week off.  It took four trains to get back to Songtan and then another cab back home.

Monday morning Marshall and I walked Maddox to school then walked to the base to get my visitor's pass.  We ran a couple of errands and then went to a  couple of shops in town.  I got a few things to bring home- including a small Kimchi crock and some Korean water glasses.

That's all for now--- soju is calling!

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