Sunday, March 27, 2011

Orangesojulious and the Osan Lounge

Last night after the kids were tucked into bed, Marshall and I headed downtown---- Marshall was determined to get me drunk---- I think he was a little disappointed.  Our first stop was Xenia's-- a smoky, second floor bar-- for an orangesojulious.  According to Marshall, it is Soju, yogurt (drinking kind) and orange juice and maybe some cider. It tasted like an orange creamsicle -- kind of sweet, but not bad.  It was served over ice in a beer mug!

Then we walked to one of the street vendors outside the main gate of the base and got a combination of fried treats-- shrimp, potatoes, peppers, onions, something wrapped in seaweed that was breaded and fried (yuk) and yakimandu.  Marshall got a cheeseburger with an egg on top from the next stall over.

Our final stop was the "new" Osan Lounge.  (The "old" Osan Lounge was a block down the street and was gutted the first day I was here-- it is half way remodeled and may reopen as something else before I leave!).  Behind the bar is a row of slushy machines.  There were 7 different drinks available last night-- Strawberryaid, Tropical fruit, Green Frog (kiwi), East Sea (peach), Mango, Punisher and something else-- the first 5 were made with vodka and the last 2 with 151.  I had a strawberry and an East Sea and tastes of a couple of the others.  The drinks were really good, but I'm sure they would taste even better on awarm summer's eve!  Now, I consider slushy drinks kind of girlie and almost broke out laughing when I saw "dude" with his skull cap, shades, and bling bling jewelry sipping one of them through a straw, but  I restrained myself.  A bunch of guys were playing tabletop shuffleboard and there were a couple of groups in the back area with hookas.

This morning we walked to the base library then to the BX.  Mdx played in the kid's area while Marshall and Mary did their shopping and Mav and I watched the kids playing.

Marshall grilled dinner for us tonight-- we had steak, kielbassy, potatoes, green pepper and onions.  It was quite a feast.  Mx and I baked sugar cookies.

The weather is supposed to warm up this week and we are going to the Korean Folk Village in Suwon tomorrow--- it is 7 train stops and a bus away.

I will post pictures once I'm back-- Marshall is having some problems with his computer (I thought Mac's weren't supposed to have issues-- oh well).  More later....

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